when you'll pay more than you have to

Like a pint of expensive beer from a pub, or milk from a local SPAR (that’s so near) rather than a big shop, stuff like that

Our local petrol station sells at 9p a litre more than the going supermarket rate and I’ve had to gas the car there recently, robbing bastards

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Every time I go to london


I’ve started paying for next day delivery from smaller retailers sometimes, which is something I thought I’d never ever do, mainly because Royal Mail are very unreliable round here these days.


Going to sainos rather than aldi which is only a further five minute walk

if i’m doing a shop and carrying too much to get a massive toilet roll multipack then i’ll get a 4 pack that’s almost the same price sometimes


Buying records on vinyl instead of listening on a streaming service. It really sounds warmer though.

Look for something on Amazon

See if there’s any other place selling the same thing

Weigh up whether it’s worth paying up to 50% extra to stick it to Jeff bezos

Usually depends on the delivery options from the non amazon place tbh


Not really more than I have to, but I will almost always spend enough to get free delivery or just not bother.

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I’ve started using Gousto and Hello Fresh these past few months and its changed my life but clearly overpriced.

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If something comes in glass rather than plaggy stuff

Sometimes it’s worth not buying the 9 pack so you don’t have to carry it around and have people thinking “that person is going to take some really big poos”


I try to invite these kind of comments because I want to intimidate people with my Big Poo Energy.


I’m not sure gousto is that overpriced, when you consider the cost of buying the individual ingredients from a shop. Sure, some of the meals are low on ingredients but some have 10 or more components. One we had last night for example had 12. Plus it’s all high quality stuff and interestingly curated menus.

You also can’t put a price on the tricks you pick up cooking them every week. My overall cooking skill has increased massively since we started using gousto.

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‘I know what youre thinking but no, I just do regular-sized poos very regularly’


True and I actually think I have saved money because whereas I used to go for a big shop I would fill the trolley with crap as well as my dinners etc. Now I am only getting a smaller amount and know exactly what I need.

Clarks shoes for the kids. I think cheap shoes are a false economy but there are probably good school shoes out there but we just default to Clarks

"in fact I’m touching cloth as we speak“

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Tipping the restaurant and the driver a few quid whenever I get takeaway on Deliveroo

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Veg box from local place, instead of supermarket.

Coffee beans.

Digital versions of new releases on the Switch because I want it NOW, didn’t pre-order, don’t want to faff around with swapping cartridges all the time, and am too lazy to trade in physical games anyway.