When you're holding a drink at a gig, what do you clap your other hand against for applause?


This is my 2nd thread on the new boards. My first one on prententiosness wasn’t massively embraced, but after some encouraging words from @Antpocalypsenow, I vow to continue.

So here we go. For me, I always clap against my chest as it gives a resounding echo through my body.


Mate, these pricks wouldn’t know a good thread if it slapped them across the face.


Just slap my wang against the inside of my thigh, like that bit in Kids.


My thigh. Doesn’t really make a sound but at least it doesn’t look like I’m not enjoying it.


Can almost picture the sea of people collapsing from the aftershock.


If I’m holding a drink and it’s a plastic glass with a lip I’ll put it in my mouth and clap with both hands.

Otherwise the band can wait for me to have both hands free. They won’t mind.


Hello again billy_jizz, I was disappointed by how your last one turned out but have high hopes for this attempt and am encouraged that you weren’t discouraged.

I personally am a non-drinker so don’t encounter this issue but in other situations where I am required to clap whilst one hand is tied up doing something else I tend to slap my thigh a bit maybe?


should be a poll really. im a thigh slapper (but what about at gigs!!! no)


yeah can or plastic pint, bite the top and clap like a fucking pro!


I clap gently with the palm of the free hand against the back of the hand that holds the drink. There’s no sound though.


Balance your drink between your humerus, radius and rib cage, and you’ll find you’ll have both hands free to applaud. Obviously.

  • Slap thigh
  • Thump chest
  • Hold beer in mouth/under one arm and clap
  • No clapping or clapping substitute

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Speedy finger clicks with the free hand


nobody else team up with an adjacent drink-holding would-be clapper to solve this issue?


you don’t need to synchronise. just establish who is the giver and who is the receiver.



My bicep


only if said thigh is bare surely


and anyway, this is wrong. the receiver doesn’t remain limp, they just kind of tighten their wrist with each impact. achieves the same end


now there’s something I agree with