when you're home alone

do you lock the bathroom door when you go for a shit or a shower?

or do you throw caution to the wind and leave it unlocked?

Unlocked and wide open


a bold choice, i respect that

don’t have a bathroom lock :man_shrugging:

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So. I don’t lock the door anymore at all. With one toilet between four people, my wife and my two daughters, the two kids take precedent.

This has become a habit so much so that a few nights ago I was at a pals taking a shit and realised that mid drop the door was unlocked and I was too far away to stop anyone from entering and getting a eye and mouthful of smellies if they went for the door.

So no, I don’t.




never lock the toilet even when I’m not home alone

rarely close the door either



seems a bit unfair on any guests surely?

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check yr sole occupier privilege

live by myself and have the door pretty much constantly open

but there’s a slight gap between the bottom of the door and the bathroom floor so regular door stops don’t really fit in it they just slip under the door, so i’ve got a bit of wood with a screw in it that i use to prop open the door. it’s one of those things that i’ve always meant to get a proper doorstop but it works and i literally never think about it. but had a pal staying over once and he went for a shit and he didn’t even bother trying to close the door and i walked in on him (horrific) and was like WTF why didn’t you shut the door and he thought i had permanently nailed it open like a right weirdo

not a great story but it’s all i’ve got on the subject of closing bathroom doors


when you’re home alone


Unlocked and wide open.

Never once had a complaint from the flats opposite.

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I can’t tell if he’s more mental for thinking you did this, or more mental for not trying to close it.


but yes my girlfriend left me and my cat died so

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where i grew up this was used as an expression for your trousers being too short


Will close the door to stop drift into other rooms.

My toilet door is right next to the front door so wouldn’t be fair on the post person or whatever.

No, bathroom is right next to a smoke alarm so best not to.

Love leaving the bathroom door open when no one’s at home and I’m having a leisurely wazz. Although sometimes I’ve heard housemate return home with dog and boyfriend while I’ve been doing this and have to finish up abruptly #dangerwazz

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Hope this doesn’t make anyone erect