When you're talking to your aunt or uncles, do you say the aunt and uncle bit when you're saying their name

or do you just say the name?

Like say you had to get auntie sarah’s attenion, are you saying “auntie sarah” or are you just saying “sarah”?

Just the name for me.


Just the name now but had to live through an awkward period of transition where it was excruciating to say the Auntie/Uncle prefix (the same transition period was need to go from “Nanny” to “Nan”)

I have specifically requested that my nephew and niece don’t call me Uncle Tone in order to avoid the awkward bit where they’re too old to say it

I don’t talk to any of them

Think my niece stopped the uncling around the age of ten or eleven. I’ve tried not to hold it against her too much.

I also used to call my grandmother by her first name (she preferred it as she thought being called gran or similar made her sound old).

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I have no aunts or uncles. My mum was an only child, and my dad had a brother who died in a motorbike accident ten years before I was born.

Did aunty/uncle as a kid, now I just say their name.

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I still call my aunties and uncles by auntie [name] and uncle [name] and i’m 30 in 13 days.

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Oddly, I would like the children of my friends (of which there was a new one yesterday that has made me dead emotional and delighted today) to call me Uncle Tone but not my actual nephew and niece.


How do you feel about it?


Fine really.

Can’t recall if my cousins call my parents in the same way but I have a feeling they do.

You’ve got to make the transition mate

Oh, I was responding to the “Weird.” post

my fave uncle died in a motorbike accident…that’s all I’ve got relevant to this…

Dunno I just say Tony and one of them pipes up eventually.

I feel a bit odd about children calling other people auntie and uncle when they’re not their auntie or uncle

What do you call your parents?

  • their first name
  • Mum / Dad
  • Mummy / Daddy
  • Mother / Father
  • other

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Don’t have any auntie or uncles, so no