When you're talking to your aunt or uncles, do you say the aunt and uncle bit when you're saying their name

Call mum either mum, ma or mam depending on how I’m feeling.

Call dad either dad or Ian depending on how he’s acting.

Is he a good actor? Has he been in anything I might have seen?

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tbf, my m8s parents were also massive communists. they had a bust of lenin in the garden and tonnes of vietnamese/soviet propaganda pictures on the walls.

coulda been sex people too, thinking about it.

got to agree I think the correlation is probably very high

When phoning their parents does anyone else try and prank them every time? (A good natured one like pretending its the water company and they haven’t paid there bill)

I actually pretended that Charlie from Casualty was my dad for about ten years. Not really sure why.


I think I’d say auntie

I call my mum mummy and so does my sister. Don’t give me your hate about this.

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That is why we call our mother mother. We used to call her mummy and then in our teens we said we will call you mum and she wasn’t having any of it so now she has ended up with mother.

Probably should have carried on with mummy looking back but were just too embarrassed and can’t go back now.

Saying mummy to your mummy is another one of the things that tories ruined.

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One of my aunts recently went from Pat to Tricia. What do we think about that?

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Pretty sure it would just be their name now, but I’d probably just try to avoid having to as it would still feel a bit weird, but not as weird as a 50 year old calling someone Auntie so and so and Uncle whatever. To be honest though they’re all in their old age and I haven’t really kept in touch since my mum died so I probably don’t need to worry.

I have a couple of nephews and a niece who are only between 5 and 10 years younger than me so they sometimes call me Uncle Rich just to wind me up!

Never heard this actually happen outside of TV

I still call them Uncle & Auntie, as I was told I would get a slap if I didn’t (as a kid).
I guess I’m in the minority.

I do call dad-in-law “Mr P” sometimes cos he finds it funny.
That’s mostly in emails or cards though. I call him by his first name to his face.

The idea of you doing this survey tickles me.

My cousins say uncle and auntie when referring to my parents. I do not when referring to theirs.

I still call them Auntie. Also call some of my mum’s friends Auntie. My mum’s closest friend has got the same first name as her but I genuinely thought she was a real auntie until I was quite embarrassingly old. I distinctly remember asking my granny why she named two of her daughters the same thing and getting laughed at quite a lot.

I don’t call my uncles Uncle but I do call one of my dad’s friends Uncle.

Literally never crossed my mind that the name Trisha comes from Patricia

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Let me blow your mind with the name Bert.

That… does not sound right.