When you're talking to your aunt or uncles, do you say the aunt and uncle bit when you're saying their name


remember going round a mate’s place as a kid and he’d call his parents by their first names. really weirded me out at the time.

I used to call the people who worked for my Granddad’s building firm Uncle and I have fond memories of those people.

I have always called my dad by his first name.

Do you call your in-laws by their first names or mum and dad etc?

  • First names
  • Mum/Dad/Other
  • Other/elaborate on weirdos out there

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Only one side, and they get called Grandma and Grandpa (other side were Grandma and Grandad). I got a massive bollocking/caused a huge family arguement once for incorrect card etiquette

Balonz snr

i’m going to insist on the proper title. don’t want them getting too familiar.

Jimbo does it every now and then if I’m ignoring him. Oddly he never calls my other half by her first name.

Sometimes Mrs X, sometimes first name, mostly avoid calling by any name if at all possible

hello muddah.

hello faddah.

here I am at.

Camp Granada.


Parents who encourage their kids to call them by their names are almost always weird sex people.


Call mum either mum, ma or mam depending on how I’m feeling.

Call dad either dad or Ian depending on how he’s acting.

Is he a good actor? Has he been in anything I might have seen?

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tbf, my m8s parents were also massive communists. they had a bust of lenin in the garden and tonnes of vietnamese/soviet propaganda pictures on the walls.

coulda been sex people too, thinking about it.

got to agree I think the correlation is probably very high

When phoning their parents does anyone else try and prank them every time? (A good natured one like pretending its the water company and they haven’t paid there bill)

I actually pretended that Charlie from Casualty was my dad for about ten years. Not really sure why.


I think I’d say auntie

I call my mum mummy and so does my sister. Don’t give me your hate about this.

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