When you're talking to your aunt or uncles, do you say the aunt and uncle bit when you're saying their name


I have always called my mum, MUMRA THE EVER-LIVING.

Every now and again she patiently tries to explain to me that she won’t live forever and then I have to patiently explain it’s a Thundercats reference and round we go again.


It’s all formal in my parents language. There’s a word to cover each type of uncle : sasa, fufa, mama, khalu. Ditto for aunt: sasi, fufu, mami, khala.

Each word tells you if they’re from your mum or dad’s side and related by blood or marriage.

Names can also be pre-fixed with big, middle or little to differentiate between uncles who are brothers and aunts who are sisters.

All this because it’s impolite to call them by their name.


My young nephews sometime call me by my first name but their mother shouts at them and makes them call me auntie - I don’t really care either way.


Never knowingly addressed an aunty or uncle


My uncle died in a car crash as it goes.


Due to the language barrier, I can barely communicate with them.


A friend of mine went out with Charlie from Casualty’s son. Does this make us…related?


we are brothers and no one can ever take that away from us


I would find this distinction very useful, it is a pain having to occasionally awkwardly explain the exact relation sometimes, would love separate words.

May I ask what the language is?


Just remembered a story about one of my Uncle Tony’s. I’m friends with him on facebook. 72 years old. After the EU referendum he posted something like “if any of u voted out then ur no friend of mine& can fuck off tony”. Then he had a load of people replying to it going “I voted leave” or similar and he responded to every single one going “FUCK off then. bye” and unfriended them one by one.

10/10 uncleing


i think this is lovely

made me a bit sad when my kids switched from Daddy to Dad, not that I ever said anything to them about it mind


Auntie Pat is such a solid auntie name though


Innit. That side of the family are (were) Pat, Paul, Peter and Pam. Lunacy.


I used to have an Auntie Pam - but then my (step) uncle and Pam got divorced and I never saw her again. She didn’t come to my wedding either and TBH I would have rather she came than boring Uncle John (who once decided to explain the entire history of popular music to 13 year old grievoustim)


Auntie Pam didn’t come to my wedding a couple of weeks ago so we have that in common. Sounds like I’d get on with uncle John tbh


As in my aunt Pam, not yours. That’d be weird.


his history was littered with errors and was very very white


It’s Bengali and/or the Sylheti dialect of Bengali.
The former is Radio 4 standards. The latter is equivalent of Geordie.