When you've been away from the UK for years and then you arrive here do you know what the weirdest thing to see is?

Kids in school uniforms

just massively weird


Glad I didn’t have to wear my own clothes as a kid as I would have been bullied for being poor and uncool.


the poor kids are always the cool ones, the rich kids just wear whatever brand is popular

longest i’ve been out the UK is about 8 months but the first thing I noticed that freaked me out was how busy it is. there’s people and stuff absolutely everywhere. like even in the countryside.


5 quid pints too.

Yeah but this realisation only comes when you are way into your twenties so wouldn’t have helped at the time


that’s like half Stockholm prices

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just really struck me today when I got off the Gatwick express and walked through Victoria and there were like 12 year olds in ties and smart trousers

a strange and unusual sight

a friend of mine’s daughter insisted on wearing a tail - like a pinned on tiger tail - every day to school from the age of 4 until the age of 11. In Sweden, absolutely no problem at all

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alright Nige

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we had to wear uniforms but were allowed to wear our own trainers. only in 6th form when our school merged with two others did they bring in a black shoes only rule and we were outraged, later found out that rule was just normal in every other school.

see also the fact that we were allowed out at lunchtime all through secondary school to go to the chippy.


country’s full innit!

sorry please ignore

I’ve long maintained that secondary school education is less to do with learning than socially conditioning people to the fact that they will spend the majority of their lives doing stuff they don’t want to do, somewhere they don’t want to be, wearing clothes they don’t want to wear.


Fuck off!

Yeah Aussie uniforms are a bit less OTT mostly from what I’ve seen - t-shirt and shorts/skorts/trousers that sort of thing. And ours is basically just ‘dark blue’.

But the school she’d be in London had the full blazers, shirts, ties and hats thing going on. Nightmare.

Much better to wear your own clothes I reckon. I wore loads of charity cheap M&S stuff throughout my school years and have no real recollection of anyone giving me shit for my terrible clothes.

Nice. Made this for you:



Aussie uniforms can be pretty full on still. Plenty of ridiculous hats due to the whole ‘it’s quite hot’ thing.

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For me it was the shit weather. I had forgotten how cold and rainy it is and how much I’d missed that.