When you've got a job interview but need to take time off your current job to attend it

this is me. so what the fuck do i tell my boss?

this is my week off work and i’m wasting time trying to think of a believable excuse. time i’d otherwise be spending looking for more jobs. i’ve already wasted most of this week and i’m usually too tired to do this when i come back from work

typical. fucking typical.

“Got a job interview”

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Either tell them the truth (I’m never shocked if I get asked for time off for interviews, inevitable innit, but it’s unpaid time), or booked a half day for an appointment or something.

if you want them to find out so they might offer you more money or something just tell them. if not then just make up a doctors appointment / call in sick / whatever

Stage a conversation on the phone at work on the day of the interview

You (on phone) : Oh, god, no…granny? when…how? Oh god, I’ll be right there.

Boss: Everything ok?

You: Yes, sorry I’ve got to go. I’ve got a job interview


but that’s surely the worst thing to tell them, isn’t it? because they know you’re not interested in working for them anymore

And? You’re being paid to provide a service to them. Your call if you want to work elsewhere.

This really isn’t that hard, be upfront with them or not, I don’t care


Took me many years to realise that nobody at work actually cares. Just tell them you’re going to the dentist.

What do you think doctors or dentists say when they’ve got job interviews they need to book off?


Day before: gosh I am feeling not well, not well at all, no sir. I think that I am coming down with something, oh yes I do.

Show them this thread.

In a bowl of rice?

Jokes aside, good luck Punkosaur!




good luck!


If you say you’ve got a doctor’s appointment, remember and show up to work before/afterwards in a full suit and tie, looking very presentable.


well i’m always in the same room as my boss so i’d feel kinda awkward if i’m no longer in their good books (it’s in a big gym type room that’s used as a function, not an office sort of job).


they are likely being contacted for a reference, no? So just tell them!

in a previous job they had contacted my boss for a ref before they told me i had an interview…was a bit awkward him telling me

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Sorry, if my reply came across as harsh.

You won’t be the first person your boss has had leave, and not the last, so I wouldn’t even worry about that.

it’s not really a suit-wearing sort of job. it’s smart casual.