When you've got a job interview but need to take time off your current job to attend it

it’s not really a suit-wearing sort of job. it’s smart casual.

Just get up, scream, “sweet jesus I can’t take this anymore!”, flip a table, throw a chair, tell your boss you hate him/her and you have to leave before you throw up all over their stupid face and then storm out, flipping everyone off on your way.

Then you’ll have to do well in your interview, won’t you? Harness the power of fear!

(Good luck!)


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These memes doing it for anyone?

oh no it didn’t dw

it’s a part-time job and most people there are either students or ‘in between jobs’ or whatever.

it’s just not easy because i find my boss intimidating but knowing my luck he’ll probably read this thread and fire me anyway

i thought smart casual meant everyday sort of clothes idk lol

People leave jobs for all sorts of reasons all the time. They won’t be offended.

Why would you be fired for considering trying to find (presumably) better paid and more engaging work.

You’re being a paranoid muppet. Make up a stock excuse, it doesn’t matter.

Also, I should add I’ve had the exact same worries before. When leaving to take a Masters, I only mentioned it at a point when it was just lingering on the precipice of piss-takingly late. Everyone was pretty supportive though, so I felt bad for having been so mortally terrified.

Never tell you current job. Imagine when it comes to pay rise time, possible promotion etc.
Use the old excuse my house flooded I am going to be a bit late or I have a Dr appointment yadaydayda.

My house flooded so I have an appointment with House MD

I too freak out about this punkosaur. Always have, always will.

If you’ve got loads of holiday left and don’t mind using it, book a half day.

If not then say you’ve got a doctor’s or a dentist appointment and that you’ll make up the time by coming in early/staying late.

Also in future I’d recommend asking the company you’re interviewing with for an interview time more suited to you. Speaking as a recruiter, I honestly don’t mind being flexible.

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i probably should add that all i need to do is text my boss

so i could say ‘i won’t be able to come to work on this day, sorry for the inconvenience’ without actually giving an excuse. but is that acceptable?

also tangentially relevant anecdote: early on in my old job (first full-time job ever, really), my guaranteed lack of social life was such that I took two weeks off for a dentist’s appointment

I’d probably give a little reason in that case, or at least allude a bit more to it. Though I don’t know how yr boss is / what relations are like and all that

This is a surefire way to make your boss think “this lad’s going for an interview”. Say you’ve got a doctor’s appointment or similar. Always have a reason.

why are these things so fucking hard? i’ve just wasted a good chunk of what could’ve been a productive afternoon worrying about what to say

but that’s a lie and they won’t believe. i’m a terrible liar.