When's day thread?

I feel like I am always making Wednesday threads.

Anyway, how are we all holding up?

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Hey fl! How’s tricks

Mainly just election nerves. All I can think about.

Although I might be going nandos tonight so I’ll try and hold onto that thought.

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Hi Joke! Pretty much:

…though some small intrusions of wondering what to have for dinner as I am eating alone so not worrying about what anyone else wants.

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Had reheated pizza for breakfast. This can only be the sign of a great day ahead.


This has cheered me


Hi FL and all

I am taking my son for an interview at Cambridge University today. I’m feeling vicariously nervous.


Hi FL, pals.

I have been in bed for nearly 36 hours with some kind of stomach bug which I’m certain the kid had last week but got over ridiculously quickly. Forgotten what it’s like to be anywhere but here or hugging the toilet. Fell asleep yesterday afternoon while resting my head against the cool plastic of the toilet seat.

On the plus side I’ve lost half a stone in that time so will be having an anything goes eating Christmas, for recovery purposes.

Back from Poland but think I should probably be signed off from work with Election Fever

I am very fucking worried

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I woke up today thinking it was Thursday. Today is going to be very disappointing.

Coping mechanisms for listening to your (public sector) Tory voting co-workers greatly appreciated

gws scorpio, stomach bugs are the worst.

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Industrial grade ear defenders?

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Working from home due to a (rare these days) bout of the eponymouses. Going to be fun doing my “REMEMBER TO VOTE TOMORROW FFS” leafletting run later.

May be very apt

Wearing my chunkiest of chunky jumpers today, it is like wearing a light hug.

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Yes but is it a vegan one

Who has a sausage roll first thing in the morning?



The very wisest of people.


Pastry is breakfast
Sausage is breakfast
What’s the problem?