When's day? Wednesday!

Hello! It’s Wednesday! Post about it here!

Off day for me, not sure what my plans are as some depends on how painful my recently injured elbow decides to be. Need to get out of bed but it is far too cosy here.


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it’s pissing down. great.

work > bike ride > fin


I am going to go to work, apply for a sort-of-but-not-really-promotion, and make my fourth (!) attempt at getting the tyres on my car changed.

Tonight I will change the strings on my guitar.

Busy day.

Looking at the forecast it is in theory meant to be dry by the time I hopefully will be on my bike :crossed_fingers:

Need to get the mudguards out soon.

What happened to your elbow?

Going to work, going to see The Mustang after work.

Full teaching day.

Walking to work. Planning how I’ll get to work in different places without my car next week.

Why is changing the tyres so hard?

It’s a company car so they won’t do it until below a certain level of wear (presumably the leasing company won’t pay them if they do). I took in the first time four months after the garage told me it’d be three months before they’d need changing. Not worn enough. I left it another 2000 miles and they still weren’t worn enough.

The third time I forgot I’d booked it and didn’t show up, so I’m willing to accept a small amount of the blame for that one.

My iron just broke halfway through ironing my shirt for the day, so I’ve got one ironed half and one creased half. So that’s good.

Now imagining you just getting an electric sander and going at them for hours in the garage until they go, “Yup, okay we’ll do them now”



I replaced my phone screen last night and it seems the only thing I managed to break was my headphone jack. Not bad seeing as I removed the old screen by smashing it from the front instead of like a normal person

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what’s the split? front / back or left / right?

left/right. Ideal.

Pissing it dahn. Going into work an hour early, will probably work an hour late. Kind of excited about pret breakfast though tbh. #wednesday

just got to approach everyone in profile

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Off today. No real plans. Meeting another dad for coffee this afternoon and try and knacker the kiddo out this morning

can we have some more deets re: pretfast

Egg and avo breakfast baguette, carrot juice, possible banana, coffee.

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