When's day? Wednesday!

Day off. Got Currys coming to repair the washer dryer but don’t know when so can’t leave the house till they’ve been. Wasn’t planning to anyway tbh.

Got a meeting with the owner of a bar in town. Love having meetings with new people which is funny because I don’t really like meeting new people socially. Think it’s like an anxiety thing, I get to have human contact but I don’t have to think about if they don’t like me or if I don’t know what to say.

Then I’m going to meet my friend who had a heart attack last month.


My day:

  • Working from within my home
  • Gym
  • Watching the current political shitstorm unfold via the DiS politics thread
  • Date night in Hackney

I’m off to the office woooooo

Then it’s just me and Misty hanging out this evening as my mum’s going out (Misty will probably just sleep under the table)

Napping injury. Must have selpt on it weirdly, very uncomfortable now.

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Curry’s are coming between 11-3, so what do we reckon?

  • Before 11
  • 11-12
  • 12-1.30
  • 1.30-3
  • After 3

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Hello everyone, I went to see tacocat last night, I enjoyed it a lot, they are a very good band and a ton of fun to see live. It was also a date and I am feeling so good today it is obscene. However this does mean that the likelihood of me getting work done is very low, so apologies in advance for all the shit threads I will probably be making.


Just had a skinny flat white for the first time. I dont want to live like this


Hi team.

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Time for a fun day of job applications! Yay!

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Morning, working from home this afternoon, but at the Royal Alex this morning for Jimbo’s pre-op before he goes in on Friday for tonsils, adenoids and grommets. Hopefully having an early appointment means not too many delays.

I tell you what, the really shit thing about working for a radio station is the continuous stream of 4/5 songs throughout the day.

I have headphones, but feel rude having them on all the time.

Everything else about working for a radio station is pretty great so I’m not complaining.



That sounds really bloody annoying. :frowning: Trapped nerve maybe x

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I am back in work today. I think there is a package for me downstairs. I might get to borrow our twelve-string acoustic guitar for a few days as well!

Feel I’ve been tired for two solid weeks, what’s up with that world.

Might see Pain and Glory tonight but also gotta get a 7:30am train tomorrow so might want the earliet night poss

Drove round to the tyre place with all the windows down because the car noticeably smelled of farts. Bloody Five Guys.

Mostly spending today seething about Jacob Rees-Mogg reclining like a cunt.


“yeah you’ve got another 2 mm of tread on the front tyres so they won’t authorise a replacement yet. Come back after a few thousand more miles.”


“By the way…Five Guys?”

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Why are you so obsessed with getting new tyres anyway?