When's Day?



Just working at home today.

Nothing else to report.


Bit late to work due to an appointment with the Dr Mario.


Working. Can’t be CBA. Feeling a bit bloated, a bit sick, and still a bit down.

Good morning DiS.


morning chummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmps

slept for ages last night. could have slept more. i am a tired boy.


Morning all.

I’ve already done over 3 of hours of work today, including delivering a 2 hour presentation which kicked off at 6am.

Is it bed-time yet?


Went out for a run at 6:30 and now everything hurts


Had to leave work early yesterday after a dose of the Epimers. Developed a heavy cold overnight so I’m staying home today. Really need to take a piss but can’t get up.


staying home due to a cold

sounds like you ARE taking the piss




I can barely breathe and all my joints are aching but I’m not calling it a flu either. I’ve had the flu and it’s definitely not that bad!


Morning all.

All the talk of impromptu pub sessions in the pub thread inevitably lead to me taking the TV for a few beers last night. So I’ve got a stinking hangover and I’m running on 3 hours sleep.

Ah well, I’ll just hunker down and drink plenty of coffee to keep me awa-

“Oh hey colossalhorse we’re a bit short staffed atm would you mind invigilating a 3 hour exam in a dark room starting in half an hour? Cool cheers.”

Oh dear god…

Hope youre all well.


really need to get my hair cut. does anyone know anywhere which isn’t £££ to get my hair cut in the city of london?


Feel like utter shite :sneezing_face::mask:

Have to pack and head off to Kent, looking after this lady for the next week!


Pepppppeerrrrrr :hugs:


thewarn can probably tell you when day is. Also night, evening, twilight, night 2, etc.


This is perfect, shirley? Nap-time for the horse-man.


And nice red light



Slept well, but not long enough. Today is Friday for me. Off tomorrow. Gonna purchase some beerz and whatever for tonight and heading to Bristol tomorrow to see my ATD. Just get through till 3.30 then I’m done.


I got my hair cut at this place for £20 before
It’s a dry cut tho but they did a good job at just neatening shit up


Fucking furious and it’s not even half 9


Need some new trainers, but cba to spend any money