When's the last time a body part fell asleep on you?

Foot just fell asleep listening to Dylans Hurricane

Yesterday, i slept on my hand and woke up with q numb hand


Do other peoples bodies count?

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You know its bad when you have to move your arm with your other hand


one of my legs usually goes whenever I sit down to play guitar for too long, gotta hobble around for a few mins to restart it

Yeah constantly. If I put my feet up on the table in the living room for more than a few minutes they’ll take a nap. Also after about half an hour on my bike my hands will probably go numb.,

Fell asleep with my hand behind my head and it was like removing a dead limb when I woke up :smiley: Delightful.

If I’m on the sofa with my phone in my hand my little fingers will go numb really quickly

Saturday night palsy takes 6 months to recover from

i went through a period of my arms falling asleep in the morning and having residual pins and needles all day.

not the one.