When's the last time someone gave you a toffee

Years for me I think

August 19th 1995

Who was it please

Hubert (grandfather)

Your grandfather or just a grandfather?

There’s a guy at the football I sometimes sit near who says to those around him “Do you want a toffee?” but he’s actually offering a sweet

To most, a grandfather. To me, my grandfather.

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What sweet is it? Any relation to toffee at all? Even tenuously?

None at all. It varies but the last time I saw him do it they were Sour Patch Kids

What a nice person

Yeah, he seems like a nice bloke. Really hates Luke Shaw though.

A good 15 years ago, which is sad really

What kind of sweet?

I find it cute that old people use the term toffee for anything sweet, my gramps used to do that too but then he died


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Oh this has already been answered, I’m so sorry

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Last week.


Don’t worry

One of my colleagues bought some (‘English Toffee Assortment’ - £1) and, out of friendliness and the desire for a harmonious working environment, offered them around.

That’s lovely, thanks for sharing

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