When's the last time you "did the rounds"?

Went to see various family members the weekend before last. Wbu? What did your “rounds” entail?

literally just did them for a week. fuck that.

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I’ve never done the rounds

Made them come to me the other week.

Frankly, they’re lucky to have me.

Christmas. Dreading doing it again in a few weeks.

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Like… I’ve done them once this year.

Any non-family related “rounds” on the go?


Haven’t done the rounds in ages, might tomorrow!

Shut it down, mods.

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Done family rounds for three weeks as am on extended family holiday. (I have my own little house and I like a lot of my relatives so it’s fine)

Absolutely fucking fuming that you’re muscling in on my “Done any [INSERT PHRASE HERE] lately?” threads in such a bastardised manner. Awful shit this is.


You ok ant?

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I’m fine thanks Eric. I’ve had today off as a recovery day following a stag do I’ve been on since last Thursday. However, what I’ve done with it is to run a few errands and also to watch the third Matrix film so it’s difficult to know what to make of that isn’t it.

I hope this message finds you well.

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What’s your sense of “doing the rounds”, ttf?

I am usually an empty shell of a person by the end, tbf.


Just calm down mate

YOU calm down

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Yesterday. Saw my parents, my sister’s family, my grandparents and then, my partner’s parents, her sister and niece and brother and nephew. Full on.