When's the last time you pulled off one of these:



I reckon it’s been a couple of years for me.


I haven’t put one on my forehead for a while but making an ‘L’ with your thumb and finger has become a signal for “lamehouse” between my partner and I during horror films as an indicator that the film isn’t doing it’s job, if the lamehouse gesture is returned the film is turned off. The most recent example would have been on January 13th of this year at around 1940hrs during a screening of Insidious: The Last Key which we left early.


This is a fantastic anecdote and a great system you and your partner have set up Ant. Anything else been on the lamehouse list recently?


This thread is fucking lamehouse. I’m off.


I’ll level with you Jezza, it’s probably pulled out during 95% of the horror films we start on accounts of how I find most horror films extremely lamehouse and, as a result, it’s not that common an occurrence for us to watch one to it’s conclusion.


Did you watch The Limehouse Golem last year?


We did not. It came out right around the time we moved flat iirc and it wasn’t viable timewise. I would have watched it and probably thought it was lamehouse though based on the trailers and my taste in films.


I’m sure it would’ve been a serendipitous use of your lamehouse system.


It would have been a lamehouse film about Limehouse that we watched near Limehouse! (West India Quay…)


Trips! :exploding_head:


Can you two shut the fuck up?


Not in a while. I’m trying to bring back the dickhead gesture though.

Did it ever go away? I don’t know. But I certainly don’t see it enough.


Ooh that’s a good one, don’t think I’ve used that since school.


What about a handshake offer, only to pull it back and give 'em one of these?


At the last DiS meat the ruff-man did this to me as I was leaving but he ran his fingers through his lovely hair and it was hard to get mad at him.


What a scamp!


ik, r!


was just about to say I regularly do the pull-away hair smooth but jezza’s beaten me to it


But not the wiggly fingers on nose?


might start now, switch it up a bit