Whensday Evening

Alright? Had a good mix of relaxing and productiveness today. Just watched the best Sopranos episode. Gonna have a chorizo tortilla thing for tea and maybe a beer. YOU?

still feeling rough after too many beers yesterday.

I’m worrying about the conifers in my garden, what if they keep growing forever then we have a storm and they blow down and destroy the neighbour’s house?!

Relaxing slash anxietying today. Not too bothered cause I did some writing and musicky stuff yesterday

Hi bammers and funkopop and unlucky and manches and rich t

Only have potato waffles in the house so I’m having potato waffles for dinner

Big shop tomorrow, quite excited

Started reading my nice new Eurovision book, had a couple of walks, not sure what to do with myself now

Feel knackered.
Last of the beetroot curry.
Might start watch that Millionaire cheat drama.

Just watched Treasute Island (enjoyed it @Slicky)


Alright fellow dorks. Having leek and mushroom risotto for tea. Deciding on whether to have a beer or not. Probably not. Feeling tired today so may go to bed early.

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I had a work pub quiz and did well as the last 2 rounds were about celebs and no one knew who natalie portman was?? her pic came up and literally everyone was like who the fuck is that


Reckon I’d do well at this

Probably wouldn’t recognise her outside of a picture of her in Leon tbh.

Pine Barrens?


Whitecaps. PB is up there obv but Edie Falco is astonishing in Whitecaps.

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What happened to Furio in the end?

Nearly pushed Tony into a propeller, went back to Italy. Maybe dead.


M’gnome just made an absolutely scrumptious Mackerel rigatoni bake ooooh and add peas. So I’ve now had my dinner and shall spend the next 24 hours twiddling my thumbs until I’m allowed to have some more.


thought that was a pretty weak storyline tbf

Pack of crisps for dinner

Hello and good evening.

Glad you enjoyed it @Unlucky I felt it was a bit too theatre!! to start but got into it…

Got a potatoes and veg style tea as the fridge is looking mournful and no shopping coming until Friday.
Going to each some Devs and drink some tea later.

Nah it’s good. Gives Carmella some balance and ammunition going into the divorce storyline and juxtaposes him with Tony nicely.

the ponytail though

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Well yeah obviously that’s unforgivable.

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Gf told me there was songs so I was expecting the worst but at least they fit in. Think I would have loved it live. Maybe helped by having not read the book or any other production except the muppets.

Looking forward to Twelfth Night with Tamsin Grieg as not seen that before either.

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