Whensday Evening

who do you reckon the best baddie in Sopranos was Funky?

Evening. Should go for a walk now as I’ve done absolutely nothing all day. It’s becoming way too easy to just drift through each day. Not sure what to have for dinner as everything in my fridge got frozen by the dodgy fridge. Could have something from the freezer but that’s reserved for end of days times. Maybe tonight could be the night I get a pizza crunch delivery :thinking: might just end up watching the remainder of Love is Blind

Tony Soprano.


I liked this

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well yeah I should have said adversary

I’ve downloaded an autotune app for my phone. Might start trying to write proper songs

I like the uneasy relationship with Johnny Sack tbh and the uncertainty knowing they could turn on each other at any point rather than being direct enemies.


richie aprile had a great baddie face

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Beginning the process of eating the stuff in the freezer for tea. “Stilton and broccoli bake” courtesy of Mr Morrisons.

The pub nextdoor just dropped some lovely fresh beer off at our doorstep so will have some of that and watch masterchef Australia

Oh we need to dismantle the bed tonight because it’s not ours and we have to give it back to our friends who are moving in down the road. Sleeping on the sofa bed for ten days, will feel like a mini holiday


Yeah he looked like a Goldeneye rendering of a bouncer or something.

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Pick up to two of these for my evening please lovely DiSers

  • Watch Film (probably Sami Blood)
  • Read (Pynchon and/or book of Yiddish folktales)
  • Switch (not sure which game tbh)
  • Watch a few episodes of Gravity Falls
  • Music (still haven’t listened to the new Hamilton Leithauser, so probably that)
  • Draw

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it’s nice to have some activities that don’t involve screen time, wish I had some

Worst one is Feech La Manna and he’s just turned up.

don’t remember this guy at all

Hometime in 40 min (at most)

Old fella who gets out of the can at the same time as Tony Blundetto.


I love that new Leithauser album

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I’ve damaged my stupid arm by being stupid and now I’m trying to not go to the hospital - what does a dislocated elbow feel like?

Mini holidays in different beds/rooms in the house are fun! Once we slept on the sofa bed in the living room all weekend just for the thrill of it.