Whenstheday thread coming?

slice of cheesecake for breakfast


What kind of cheesecake?


pop us round the other slice please bab


Veggie bacon and maybe…cheese? Really wanted avocado but couldn’t get any.

not an avocado fan so i think you have been saved there. cheese sounds like a good option. I may throw in somoe mushrrooms!

Nice. Excellent choice :ok_hand:

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Definitely wanted mushrooms too :heart:

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Successful start to the day, put the remote control in with the washing and now it’s raining outside.


I just got normal bright this time! I’m desperate to get nail art done again so will definitely get some over Christmas or my birthday (my birthday is a week before Halloween……)

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doing work, watching rain, listening to Lucy Dacus in advance of gig tomorrow, considering whether to see a show tonight or not, feeling decent tbh

Aaaah! Dream birthday time. Ensure you share them :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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quite a nice day here

house renovations are mostly finished now apart from the painter, who is coming later in the week/early next week, and the replacement carpet for the stairs, which will be end of next week.

this is my first day in ages of being able to WFH uninterrupted with no workmen around and a fully functioning kitchen and bathroom. feels good.

able to blast music all day, as it should be. catching up with CDs i’ve bought over the last while. currently on Mogwai’s Special Moves.


just had lunch so might have this for dessert

selfish Wednesday it is then!

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Hello everyone :wave:

Had a really rough night and about two hour’s sleep :smiley: probably belongs in the MH/ND thread but who knew pretty hardcore medication can have some not very fun side affects?! Did properly crack myself up at one point though, said “oh this is gnarly” and cause my mouth was dry I sounded a bit like Steve-O. So obvs through my tears I went “I’m Kermit, welcome to jackass! This is… horrible!” and laughed so hard the cat woke up and went downstairs in a strop.

Still. New day today isn’t it. Have made another veggie lasagne (you can laugh at my pepper, mushroom and broccoli replacement for mince but I love her <3) and popped it in the oven and gonna try and be very gentle and kind with myself today.

Glad it’s damp and miserable outside tbh, feels nice and cosy.


Feel like a husk at the moment. All I do or think about is work or stuff to do with moving. Can’t wait to get it over with. Also sick of just coming on here to moan, ironically.

Hash brown wrap was a stunning decision :yum:


I might be over music once august is done, find a new art form to geek out about



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