Where are they now?!

Inspired by learning that Malcolm in the Middle’s Frankie Muniz now runs a fancy olive oil shop in Scottdale, Arizona, what are your favorite stories of post-fame celebrities?

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Ex Argyle and New Zealand striker Rory Fallon now runs an ice cream making business in Plymouth.


always and forever Jeff “Skunk” Baxter


Zammo from Grange Hill runs a locksmiths in Wallington.

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I saw him bust out a DJ set once in Swindon (might have been Reading)

Also saw Roland from Grange Hill DJing once

Andy Hunt (former West Brom/Charlton striker) now runs the Belize Jungle Dome

Former Manchester United striker Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is the current interim manager of Manchester United Football Club


The one everyone fancied on the wonder years writes quantum physics books

think that was marckee


Or something like that

YEEEESSS straight from the top of his dome

He used to work in Clerkenwell - changed the locks for one of my former managers.
Fleur Taylor (who played the psychotic Imelda) later became an estate agent in Surrey.

Didn’t frankie in the middle have a big accident and now has lost most of his memory and can’t remember his childhood?? :cry:

Or was that a kenan and kel is dead style hoax?

Apparently so! I didn’t know that either. At least he seems happy now,.

Sice from the Boo Radleys is a psychologist now



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The replies to that…

Brian Cox from D:Ream nowadays spends his time on Twitter trying to persuade people not to vote for Jeremy Corbyn.