Where are they now

Former Cooper Temple Clause front man.


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Looks like he at Great Place To Work UK.
Hope he is doing well.

I love doing deep dives and finding out that former indie and pop stars have normal jobs now. I couldn’t think of anything worse than still trying to drag myself around toilet venues with two kids at home and a mortgage to pay.

There’s probably something quite comforting about having a desk job after having a few years experiencing the music industry – I think there’s something quite admirable about just being like “yeah, that was fun” and going back to normality.

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There’s a good limmy sketch about this in his latest series.


Surprised he hasn’t been training dogs again…


sounds like a great place to work


…or become a Film Maker

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Or releasing a shite third album

They released a third album??! :open_mouth:

According to a ‘where are they now’ article on the band (from 2013):

Lead singer Ben Gautrey has, amazingly, become something of a sporting enigma in his local area. He’s currently the player manager of Ashridge Park FC, who are off to a decent start to the 2013 season, sitting in third place in the Reading Football League’s Premier Division. They recently suffered a 4-1 home drubbing to those damned Sandhurst Devels, mind. Fans may be calling for his head soon. Sort it out Gautrey! Or, ‘G-Train’, as he’s fondly known at Wokingham Chestnuts Cricket Club, where he is both Chairman AND Player Of The Decade (according to his Wikipedia entry).

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This was a great thread on the old boards


Yeah, it was pretty bland. :frowning:

Saw them around the time they released it, at Reading Uni. They finshed pretty bluntly and didn’t come back. The crowd wasn’t happy. Didz leaving to join Dirty Pretty Things didn’t do them any favours.

Daniel Fischer went on to form Red Kite, and i like both their albums.

I’ve got it on good word that Matt Bellamy has taken over the junior assistant manager position of the chemtrails section of the DavidIcke.com message boards


Apparently it was shite

Third album was rancid but there’s some great stuff on the first two

I hope all former members of Cooper Temple Clause are doing well.

I like trains released a good film a few years back about this sort of thing, ‘after the band’ stuff. Called A Divorce Before Marriage, worth a watch even if you’re not into their stuff.

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