Where are you going to Staycay this year?

So with foreign holidays a write off this year (probably), a staycation is on the cards. Do you have any plans for a staycay? Where would you like to go?

I’d like a little weekend away to Arran as it’s close by and nice and relaxing



The Falklands

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Might sleep in the garage for a bit


Might go to Bath for a couple of nights and get drunk with our old pals. That’s it. Oh and Mrs F wants to go to London and Edinburgh at some point (separately, obv).

Will just be happy if I’m allowed to go to Dublin again at some point

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Staycaying on Rockall. The Irish rock



Baby if you’ve got to go away
Don’t think I could take the pain
Won’t you stay another cay?


This is a thread to be taken extremely seriously :smiley:

Might go to the Music board for a week in the summer


Thinking of driving down to the Ardennes for the long weekend or something.

Might staycay near Loch Tay tay, again

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Oh great, the one time I give a proper reply to a thread.

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I am going to go to Glasgow some time in autumn because an ATD is moving there for uni and I’d quite like to see him.

Who needs to go anywhere? When the sun comes out living in Brighton feels like being on holiday

(We also have friends in Cornwall who we’ll hopefully do a house swap with)

Especially that Bono

Isle of Wight in June and Cornwall in September, but the latter depends on whether or not my girl can travel in from Switzerland.

I went to The Pig (near Bath) on a staycation last year and this year I would like to go back to The Pig but the one on the beach or Harlyn Bay

Not sure I can face it after how busy our little jaunt to Brecon Beacons was last year. Will almost certainly change my tune when it gets warmer though

btw I would very much recommend The Pig.