Where are you going to Staycay this year?

Going on Holiday to the Norfolk coast (Mundesley) this year.

Just looking forward to getting to different places across the country where my pals live and spending time with them really - not overly arsed about going somewhere new for a “holiday”

Main hope is to get to Bournemouth to see my parents and brother while crushing the sea swimming. For a Gallic twist, my dad loves his boule and I will insist on drinking biere d’or while playing it.

Also will take a week off in summer and soak in the atmosphere of London, whether mad bacchanalia or crushing disappointment. Eating up a lot of Aldi knock off pringles and lemon sorbet to frill the gaps.

I love this.

Maybe I’ll have a staycation (stay at home variety, other staycations are available), and just eat pizza and drink peroni all week. I might see if my mate will lend me his Lambretta too.

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ricardo gonna do the channel!

It’s one way around quarantine I guess…

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Just booked a cabin in the woods a couple of hours drive away for 5 nights in late April. I would have left it a while before booking something but the TV’s starting a new job in a couple of months and it’s literally the only long weekend between now and mid-July that we could both do. Really needed something to put in the calendar and look forward to.


Absolutely love UK holidays: haven’t been abroad for one since about 2013 I think. Partly this is cost but also I’ve found that I get more stressed organising abroad travel etc and that’s not a great mind-set for chilling out.

Self-catering cottage somewhere in the middle of nowhere, Scotland, Wales, Lake District, Peak District, where you can hike up a mountain, swim in a loch or the sea or whatever: brilliant.

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Going back to the For Emma, Forever Ago style for the new album, Bon?


Staycationing in a stable, m8

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Bet Bon didn’t have a compost toilet and a small chimenea for roasting marshmallows

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In front of a sold-out audience


Maybe he would have written a happier album if he did.

Oh wait maybe that’s how we got the awful Justin Timberlake one