Where are your manners!?

Hello, friends. Do you care about manners? Specifically table manners I guess and the ones that aren’t just about not being disgusting (eating with your mouth closed etc).

Are your elbows on the table? Do you leave your knife and fork in the correct position on the plate once you’ve finished? Any other ones?

Round the corner, picking up shit!

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I’d expect this from Balonz or somebody but not from you, very disappointing.

I’ll take that as a compliment.

And my name’s not ‘very disappointing.’

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Didn’t we have this thread about two weeks ago?


Thank you for this thread

Did we? I don’t remember if so, apologies to the content creator in question.

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Generally couldn’t give a fuck, which makes me second guess myself a lot when we go to posh-ish restaurants and I can’t remember which bit of cutlery is for what thing, and feel very self-conscious

If in doubt, just ask the waiter for a spork

Don’t care about:

  • elbows on table
  • starting eating before others when at home
  • leaving knife and fork in correct position at the end of a meal
  • licking knife/fork/spoon clean

DO care about

  • eating with mouth open
  • belching/farting at table
  • using phone at table
  • licking plate clean



If someone displays bad manners, do you call them out on it?

If you do, then you’re displaying even worse manners than the original faux pas, and you should think about that

loud/noisy eaters are the absolute worst. don’t care about the rest and probably have awful table manners myself tbh.

I think it depends on how much you’re really into 2-tone ska stuff?


Sorry @saps

An inquiry is underway as to how this went under my radar. Theo, close this down please.

Don’t worry.

I’m all for rehashing, revamping, rebooting.

I’m a progressive.

You’re a magnanimous man, a fucking class act :clap: :clap: :clap:


I wasn’t going to close it until my Bad Manners joke had at least earned me a badge in likes, tbh.

Gonna be waiting a while…


banned act.