Where can I buy

Very strong Velcro with a very strong glue on the other side.

Not going to pretend it’s a ‘general where can I buy’ thread. it’s a ‘where can I buy very strong Velcro thread’

Velcro shop


Is ‘Builders Velcro’ real?

Has that been invented yet? It’d be really useful for me

There’s the velcro hut, that’s on third. Velcro-r-us, that’s on third.


Edit. :frowning:

  • Builders tea
  • Builders bum
  • Builders velcro
  • Builders-bear
  • Gilles DeBuilders

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Quite a few shops on Velc Row will be able to sort you out


I think velcro from a haberdashers and you will have to purchase your glue elsewhere, maybe Bobby D’s (Robert Dyas).

You should ask whoever it was that put velcro on the bottom of my MXR overdrive pedal. Feels like it’s going to pull the fucking carpet up.

Have you got their details?

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Just out of interest on a side note. Can you buy Velcro where the fluffy end is as fluffy as a high shag carpet and the spiky stiff end is as long as a phone cable? That’d be strong right?

(That’d be too strong for what I need it for)


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“A friend with Velcro is one worth sticking with” - Ancient Velcro Proverb

Thanks vlutcro

no prolemcro

“Two rough sided velcros don’t make a stick” - Ancient Velcro Proverb

never used it myself - but I think this kind is meant to be extra grippy