Where can I get hold of a menorah in Clerkenwell today?

This feels like a crazy Apprentice challenge, but I’m stumped.

Hatton Garden

This occurred to me just after I posted it, just having a google now.

The thing is I ideally want a cheap one not a fancy jewel encrusted one but I guess it can’t hurt to look.

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Probably somewhere in Hatton Garden. Or if not, one of the Jewish-run shops there should be able to tell you, I’d have thought.

Get your yellow pages out, find the main Jewish church in London, drive all the way across town to it then offer them a million quid for it then haggle them up to a million quid and your shoes.

Job’s a good 'un.


There’s a difference between a menorah and a hannukiah.

Good luck and chag semeach


Shit, you’re right!

Well, I’ve learnt something today.

Just get in a cab and shout loudly into a phone you’re holding under your chin.


This is always the answer in The Apprentice too

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Never understand how the Londoners on that show don’t just ace it but then I remember they intentionally select the silliest folk for bants.


Have you tried the Post Office?