where did swear words start in your home growing up?

For me Twat and upwards were considered swearwords.

got punished for repeating a swear word (shit) that my mum had said. like right in front of me. think I was around 3 or something.

fucks sake.


Wasn’t allowed to say fart


the f word would have been big trouble. Probably would have been disowned for using the c word

I’m sorry but I’m finding this really funny

knew somebody who didn’t consider twat a swear word, was really surprised

yeah wasn’t allowed to say fart either, ‘pump’ was okay. think this was mainly for my Grandma’s benefit, she hated bad language of any kind.

Nowadays grandma is dead so I can say whatever I like, except the c word in front of my mum cos she’d have kittens.

My Irish nan would swear all the time in front of us, and is probably the root of my terrible reliance on swear words


my mate virtually never swears, I don’t know how he does it

It is funny. Totally hypocritical too. My mum was frequently saying “bugger”.

And hilarious when I called my brother a cunt in front of my mum, I had no idea it meant or that it was rude. I got a hell of a smack for that :grimacing:


Prick. Also Jesus Christ.

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I had to say pop


my uncle smacked me round the head when I told my cousin he was a nonce. Must have been about 9, no idea where I picked that word up from.


think my mum has probably called me ‘you fucking wanker’, (semi-seriously) about twice today. weird considering how I wasn’t allowed to swear as a kid.

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yeah I think Prick is the cut off for swear words.

Prick - upper end of non swear words
Twat - beginning of swear words

When we were kids I once called my brother a twat. He told our parents. In my defence I claimed that I didn’t know it was a swear word because I’d heard it on Tom & Jerry. As excuses go, it didn’t really cut the mustard.


I once said dildo in front of my friend’s mum because I didn’t know what it meant and she gave me an absolute bollocking. That was embarrassing.

27 years old I was


yeah at least pick a cartoon where they actually talk!


man could do a really great/traumatic thread about times you embarrassed yourself in front of your friends’ parents

Ahm oot.

don’t think I ever topped that one though

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Luckily I’m alright on this score, unlike my mate who tried to get my mum to come back to his “for coffee”

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