Where did you buy that album?

This is a thread to test your memory! Can you remember where you bought the following albums? (If you ever bought them). So I’ll start with a few obvious choices and you can feel free to add your examples. I’ll answer my own question afterwards:

Nirvana - Nevermind
Oasis - Definitely Maybe
Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill
The Strokes - Is This It?

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Nevermind: I didn’t actually ever own a copy of this. But I borrowed a copy from Alec who was in my year, and rinsed it on my French exchange trip in year 10. Cassette tape

Definitely Maybe: John Menzies in the Saxon Centre in Christchurch. Cassette tape

Jagged Little Pill: Woolworths in Christchurch. Was the first CD (as opposed to tape) I bought - purchased alongside a copy of Different Class that I still own. Was always scared my mum would come in during the swears :smiley:

Is This It?: I think I bought this at HMV Cardiff? Can’t remember. I bought a Strokes t-shirt at a HMV in Peterborough, I know that. CD.

Hmv Chichester

Hmv Portsmouth

N/A (my dad owns it though)

MVC Chichester

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I used to go in John Menzies loads, mind. When I was 12 or 13, I was obsessed with the song Just Another Day by Jon Secada and so that was nearly the first single I bought but I was scared of my brother taking the piss so I never bought it :frowning:

I bought Nevermind on tape in a shop I can’t remember the name of in the State of Illinois building in Chicago in August 1992. Also bought We Can’t Dance by Genesis at the same time. Listened to Genesis first, then Nirvana, and then never listened to Genesis again.

My cousin bought Definitely Maybe in April of 1995 and I taped it off him. I then bought the CD about a month later from Best Buy in Dayton Ohio. I sold it to some guy at school for £20 when I moved back to the UK as it was a US import.

Haven’t ever owned the other two albums

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Took my Dad’s copy of Nevermind

Rented Is This It? from Outwood Library in Wakefield and copied it

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I bought all of them apart from the Alanis Morissette when they came out so that is a long time ago to remember.

Nirvana and Oasis in London, probably at Sister Ray or Selectadisc on Berwick Street.

The Strokes in Oxford, probably at the wonderful Polar Bear on Crowley Road (who used to let me buy and take away records on a Saturday that weren’t meant to be out until Monday).

Mysterious Touch? Jesus He Knows Me? (Or is that a different Genesis album?)

Woolworths, Carlisle. Got it home and the tape was fucked, so had to return it the next weekend (we lived 30+ miles from Carlisle). They didn’t have any replacements in stock, so I got a copy of Parklife instead.

Eventually got it on vinyl probably 20+ years later, from Probe in Liverpool

Never bought the others

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Jesus He Knows Me was on it, yeah

Polar Bear was a great record shop!

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Nirvana - Nevermind I bought a few days after it was released, from Virgin Megastore in Birmingham. It was £5:29. I was a bit worried reading the sleeve that the spelling of, erm Kurdt?, had been changed to Kurt, initial thought it was a record label gimmick to appear less Commie or something. Also the record looked like a major label release, fair enough as it was I guess. Took it to a mates girlfriends house and 4 of us listened to side 1, practically in silence. Then I put the needle back to the start again, it was so good we didn’t go straight to side 2.

Oasis - Definitely Maybe I bought this with my wages from the record shop I’d just started working at, first week of release (again on vinyl). It hasn’t aged that well but back then I really loved the wall of sound they were making. Got it for cost price, which was about £8.

Alanis Morrissette - Jagged Little Pill I mentioned to the Warners Brothers rep that it was selling well after initially not doing so and that the opening single was good. He left me a CD album of it for free.

The Strokes - Is This It I picked up the early singles, again on vinyl, but I have never owned this album.

My mate Antony* had it on tape so I heard it A Lot.

* I’d normally refer to him by his first name and surname (as you do with school mates, but someone once googled themselves and found a thread on here where I’d told an anecdote about them puking in a mixing bowl during a school play :grimacing: )

Nirvana - Nevermind
HMV, Plymouth

Oasis - Definitely Maybe
Virgin Megastore, Exeter

Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill
Cancer Research, Bath

The Strokes - Is This It?
HMV, Plymouth

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My auntie heard ‘Sadness’ by Enigma on the radio, and went into HMV in Bath to buy their CD. Unfortunately she misremembered the name of the band, and accidentally bought a completely different album which wasn’t to her taste. That’s how i got my copy of ‘Nevermind’ for free.


Nevermind: someone at school sold me their copy for a fiver. Now have it on vinyl courtesy of HMV in Tunbridge Wells.

Definitely Maybe: Copied a friend’s CD onto tape, but never bought it myself. My wife has a copy though.

Jagged Little Pill: Birthday present.

Is This It?: Second hand CD from The Compact Disc in Sevenoaks.

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Cob Records (RIP) in Bangor

First copy was a bootleg cassette from a market in Malta lol please don’t tell Noel

Dirt cheap from Amazon last week!

From MVC (? possibly HMV or a Virgin - can’t remember) in Leeds, on my way to catch my coach back home after seeing them at the 2001 festival.

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I have never bought a copy of any of these albums. Do I win £5?


Was a gift
Never owned
Never owned
Plymouth Asda

Nirvana, Oasis & The Strokes all from HMV Nottingham. Alanis from Oxfam

All on CD.

I remember buying Nevermind on the same day I bought Muse’s Showbiz, which was in early 2000.

I have no real recollection of buying Definitely Maybe, but know I didn’t buy it until a few years after I’d bought What’s the Story & Be Here Now and most likely was from HMV.

I bought Is This It? at the same time as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s B.R.M.C. possibly sometime around Christmas 2001.

I got Jagged Little Pill from my local Oxfam in either 2018 or 2019.

I used to store all my CD’s in chronological order of when I bought them, which was handy for remembering what else I bought at the same time, but a nightmare for finding albums as my collection got bigger.

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