Where did you buy that album?

I sometimes play this game with my own collection!

Nirvana - Nevermind
Either me or my older bought a CD-R of this with badly printed artwork from someone in school, which was the style at the time (2001ish)

Oasis - Definitely Maybe
Oldest brother bought this (from a shop), probably around 2000/2001 as well, because I got massively into them in 2002 when Heathen Chemistry came out.

Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill
Never owned a copy.

The Strokes - Is This It
Oldest brother had a CD-R of this that someone gave him, with no artwork or tracklist. As a result I’ve heard the album many times but largely don’t know which track is which from the tracklist, aside from the obvious ones, which is unlike me. However I also bought a copy of this album in Poundland early last year in preparation for going to see them last Feb.


Would have bought the CDs of Nevermind and Def Maybe in either the Virgin Megastore or HMV in the Arndale centre in Manchester in early to mid 95.

Never bought the other two and never owner copies or MP3s. Still not sure I’ve heard Jagged Little Pill all the way through.

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It was. I saw the Strokes play over the road at the Zodiac and then bought the album at Polar
Bear a couple of months later.

Same. I don’t think I’ve even listened to any of them other than whatever singles I’ve heard. £6 please?

Most of my cd buying back then must have been in whatever Virgin/Our Prices excited back then in Harrow or Uxbridge, west London.
I should still have (very faded) receipts for most of my albums from back then somewhere, although now I log all of my music purchases since about 2005 on a spreadsheet which handily has all of that information on it in case a need like this arises!

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Bought Definitely Maybe in the local Video Shop. It was a tiny little flat that had been converted and they decided to start selling CDs at one point. Think they only ever had about 10 and only one or two copies of each.

Bought Is This It? in Golden Discs in Belfast almost a week before it was supposed to be released. Felt like I was cool as fuck.

Nirvana - Nevermind
I only ended up buying this 10 years ago. I had had a cassette copy in the 90s. I was at the Mammoth Record Fair at Rivermead on Good Friday and I found it on red vinyl.

Oasis - Definitely Maybe
Not a clue. I think i ended up buying it around spring 97. I associate it with a 2-0 win over Oldham at Elm Park, and painting my room a coincidentally similar green to some of the cover. Don’t remember buying it, though.

Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill
I think this would have been at the old HMV in Reading. Bought it on cassette, which is probably in the attic now.

The Strokes - Is This It?
I’m pretty sure i bought this at the record stall they ised to have at Reading Festival around midnight on the Monday morning. I know I bought Toxicity and Iowa that night. I remember buying the Modern Life (or whatever it was called) ep in HMV in the Oracle.

Oasis - What’s the Story

I had £10 spending money for my holiday to Centre Parcs, we stopped in Exeter on the way and i bought WTSMG on csssete for 7.99 in HMV and then moaned for the rest of the week that i only had £2 to spend on Pic n Mix


Excellent details here.

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Nirvana - Rockaboom Leicester
Oasis - Piccadilly Records Manchester. Hated it so much I immediately sold to Vinyl Exchange. Top 3 worst/inexplicable record purchases.

Didn’t buy the other two.

I’ve a vague memory of buying ‘nevermind’ on cassette in hmv in Coventry. Thereafter all my purchases of new releases (inc. definitely maybe on CD) would have been made at Spinadisc Records. I moved to Manchester in the late 90’s so I’m fairly certain that I bought ‘Is This It?’ from Piccadilly Records.

Nirvana - taped from a friend’s older brother’s copy. This on one side of a c90, the Spirea X album on the other side. Bought on cd a few years later from Record Collector in Sheffield.

Oasis - on cassette from Sphere Records in Winsford. Later on cd probably from Fopp in Sheffield.

Alanis - borrowed and taped as a teenager. Never owned a copy.

Strokes - by this point, I was working across the road from Fopp on Division Street in Sheffield so highly likely I got this from there one lunchtime.

Nevermind - my mate Steve got the CD when it came out and did me a tape copy which I absolutely rinsed. Convinced the coach driver to play it on a loop on GCSE school trip to France :sunglasses: Bought a copy on CD from Andy’s Records in first year of university. Our student house got burgled a couple of days later and all my CDs were nicked, so I bought another couple the following week :roll_eyes: Still got that copy…

Is This It? Fun fact, I saw the Strokes first ever UK show (one of those four band NME tours) plus their first ever UK headline show (at Heaven supported by Mull Historical Society and Mouldy Peaches - good gig that). Bought the album the day it came out from HMV in Bromley. My excitement dissipated fairly rapidly. Still think it’s a pretty boring album.

Definitely Maybe - I was an early adopter of Oasis being shit so never owned this. Remember seeing a display for it in the local Blockbuster which was unprecedented - was obvious it was going to sell a gazillion copies.

Jagged Little Pill - never heard it…

Nevermind - Don’t remember
Definitely Maybe - Don’t remember
Jagged Little Pill - Never owned it, never heard it
Is this It? - Don’t remember

I’m normally good at remembering this kind of thing. I do remember taking to Oxfam the three I had though (probably because it was last year)

Can I broaden this and add one I do remember?

Radiohead - OK Computer
Swapped with a friend, my copy of Americana for this AND A POUND*. Still love it.

*Never received the pound.

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I used to love the Sheffield Fopp around that time, tiny and cramped but the huge array of cheap books and cds were intoxicating for a skint teen looking to hoover stuff up

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Nevermind - never bought it, but had a taped copy with Bryter Layter on the other side that lived in my Walkman through most of college.

Definitely Maybe - bought a second hand vinyl copy from the excellent, but now sadly closed basement record shop Hairy Records that was on Bold Street in Liverpool. Was exciting to get on vinyl at the time as it included Sad Song which wasn’t on the cassette/CD versions. Vinyl buyers of What’s The Story… got less lucky with the awful Bonehead’s Bank Holiday as their extra.

Jagged Little Pill - never owned it. I do think it’s a good album though.

Is This It - HMV on Market St Manchester I think? I also saw them on the first tour with Moldy Peaches & Mull Historical Society. My girlfriend at the time didnt have a ticket and they were going for silly amounts from touts…but she put on an emotional theatrical display for the bouncers about her friends being inside the venue with her ticket until they eventually felt sorry, or at least got sick of her and let her in.


Good thread this!

Nevermind - can’t remember. Think I’d taped it from a mate or from the library, so didn’t get the CD until later. Probably bought it for a fiver from Fopp in Manchester,

Definitely Maybe - can’t remember this either. My dad had taped it from the library. This was on one side of a C90 and Everything Must Go by the Manics was on the other. Used to absolutely cane that tape. Probably ended up buying this when I went to uni. I certainly remember buying Be Here Now at uni for £2.97 from Music Zone in Leeds and arguing with my housemates that it wasn’t shit. I used to buy all the Oasis singles, up to and including Little By Little. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back though, because it was two tracks off a rubbish album plus a shit cover of The Who (bought from HMV in Oldham, like most of the other Oasis singles I bought). I have all the Creation singles apart from Roll With It and Wonderwall because a French exchange student bought them when he was over and my dad taped them off him so I never thought I needed them. Dead annoying that. But anyway, I don’t remember where I bought Definitely Maybe.

Jagged Little Pill - my dad bought this. I never owned it. I won her next album in a thing in the Manchester Evening News, but I thought it was so rubbish I took it back to HMV on Market Street and swapped it for something else.

Is This It - Music Zone in Ashton I reckon, when it was upstairs above McDonalds. I ended up working at that Music Zone for a few years on and off, but this would have been before that.

Yeah me too! I was in my first job after university so suddenly had some disposable income and easy access to a funny little room full of £3 and £5 books, films and music. Absolutely deadly.

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Carlisle Virgin Megastore

Got this and all of the other Radiohead albums from The Bends to Hail to the Thief on Amazon shortly after In Rainbows came out, think I paid about £12 in total. I did end up buying the fancy 2 LP + 2 CD version of In Rainbows and the silly version of King of Limbs with the newspaper so I think Thom and the boys got a fair share of my money in the end.