Where did you buy that album?

eBay / probably got as a present / never bought / eBay

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Nirvana - got the record on release day from Scorpion Records in High Wycombe (R.I.P.). I’d just gone to university but my sister picked it up for me, taped it and sent me the tape in the post.

Oasis - taped it from a bloke I worked with on a summer job. Bought the CD many many moons later, probably in Virgin On Oxford Street.

Alanis - probably Our Price in High Wycombe, I remember which girlfriend I bought it for, though

Strokes - HMV London.

Quite surprised so many of you own Jagged Little Pill tbh

Nevermind - Neverowned
I like In Bloom so I should probably grab a copy at some point.

Definitely Maybe - N/A
What’s the Story was probably my first CD album though, from Tesco, Blackpool

Jagged Little Pill
I think my mum owned it so it was on in the car every now and then. I have never owned it myself

Is This It?
Probably Music Zone in Blackpool, early 2003? Just before Room On Fire came out I think

OK Computer
Again, Music Zone Blackpool in 2003. Blackpool sadly never had a Fopp. Music Zone was a half decent facsimile though I guess

When people say their parent(s) had a copy it’s always funny to wander if that means I’m old enough to be that dissers parent or if they just had cool parents.


Nevermind: Almost certainly HMV Market St, Manchester, and in one of the usual sales

Def Maybe: Our Price, Rochdale

Jagged: Probably Woolwooths, Rochdale

Is This It: I think HMV again. The Modern Age EP however was a tiny but great indie inside the Manchester Students Union (maybe called Crocodile records?)

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Just remembered that before I bought Nevermind on CD I had a copy taped off my mate with loads of cool Outcesticide stuff on the other side. I miss that tape.

ALSO: I didn’t buy Is This It from HMV, I bought it from Different Class records in Plymouth.

And this is how much the CDs of my youth should cost today


I guess it puts the cost of vinyl into perspective

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It was - was run by a scouse Man Utd fan called Russ. He was kinda gruff, but a decent guy. I’d pop in for a chat and to buy something when I could, but it was just as sites like Napster were getting big and sadly you could see how slow business was getting for him by then.

There’s a high chance I also got the Modern Age EP from there.

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It would also have been around the time (pre- is this it) that they played the Hop and Grape. I tried to get a ticket from a tout but they wanted £80 so had to say no thanks.

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Yeah, that was the one I posted about above. I think I got mine at the ticket office as soon as they went on sale. Ticket buying was such more straightforward before, and in the early days of the internet.

Another notable ‘where did you buy that album’ I remember was The Stone Roses, which had near mythical status at school as we all had at least a taped copy of Complete, but s/t was always full price and so out of reach. It finally hit the Boxing Day sale at Our Price in Southport, and so I remember racing there as early as I could that day with some Christmas money to make sure I snagged a copy.

Actually can’t remember where I bought this from. My memory says I bought it from a second hand record store in Boscombe (near Bournemouth) but I’m confused as to why I didn’t buy it new? Idk.

I think I bought it at the same time as a Simon and Garfunkel compilation.

HMV Argyle Street in Glasgow for me. First Saturday of the 1997 school summer holidays

TBH almost all of my 90s answers would be HMV Argyle Street or the Britannia Music Club

Missed that post, up I scroll…

Jammy! I had no such luck. We sat in the bar instead and there was Badly Drawn Boy drinking with the Moldy Peaches. Shortly afterwards we exchanged awkwards nods and grunts as me and him stood sharing a urinal (wide one not single occupancy).


I bought a vinyl copy of Nevermind in Rival Records in Plymouth, on the day it came out.

I didn’t buy Definitely Maybe, but my brother did. I’d dismissed Oasis as typical NME weak indie bollocks, but when I heard him play Rock n Roll Star it was a real ‘woah, I was wrong about this’ moment.

Never bought Alanis, but I do remember from my days working in Plymouth’s Virgin Megastore that we had an import copy come in ahead of the UK release. I distinctly remember looking at it in a tray of stock to go out, wondering what it was and then basically going ‘huh’ and forgetting about it.

Never bought Is This It? either. Was bitterly disappointed with The Modern Age EP when I finally heard it after all the hype, and wasn’t bothered about the album.

And where did you buy Different Class?

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Never bought OK Computer either, but I do have one mildly interesting story about buying Radiohead records. Round about 2001 I was managing the HMV store in Basingstoke, and we had a stock count. The invigilator guy from head office wanted to check under the browsers, so we lifted out a 5’ section of CD, only to find a massive crate of vinyl hidden under the rack. Like properly hidden, you wouldn’t have known it was there if you hadn’t taken out the entire unit. We surmised that an earlier manager had panicked about buying too much stock and had just decided to hide it from regional managers etc, and it had been sat there undisturbed for six or seven years.

In the end, we decided it had all been written off years ago, and so we put it all out on sale at ridiculous knockdown prices. It was all 1994/1995 vintage stuff and, reader, let me tell you there was some gold in there. I bought a massive pile. Can’t remember it all now, but there was definitely a first pressing of The Bends, the version of Dookie that still had the Sesame Street puppet on the back cover*, a nice clear vinyl Tortoise 12", and Massive Attack’s Protection remixes 12".

*incidentally, if anyone knows why this had to be taken off the vinyl but is still on the back of the CD to this day I’d love to know…