Where do I donate obscure records?

Music board hive mind! I’m helping my mum clear out her attic and there’s a box of old Argentinian and Paraguayan records (mostly folk I think?) that she’d like to donate as she has no way of playing them and she’s got enough CDs of tot as it is. There’s an Oxfam book and music shop where she lives (closed atm obviously) but is there a better way of donating them to people who would make use of them?

Alternatively any Los Tres del Paraguay or Jorge Cafrune fans out there hmu for some good shit

I have absolutely no doubt that one of these try-hards will pretend to be really into Paraguayan folk music and take these off your hands.


Try @brighterdayvnl on Twitter. He seems like a good guy who knows his onions. Might not take them off you but might know somebody who could.

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Oh haha I genuinely would be interested in the Jorge Cafrune