Where do I go to get a kitten?


If I want to go out today and come home with a nice kitten, where do go?

Yes I’ve thought this through.


Just find one in the street


Try the local cat charities


Don’t rush it, if you can first try cat charities and give one a home. We got our two from my sisters friend, in the end we got two to keep each other company.


Ask a nearby dog




Brilliant! Thats like 10 minutes away!


There may be others nearer. We got ours from cat’s protection. I think they’re a decent enough organisation, hopefully.


Omg pls get misty!


There’s always ads for kittens in newsagents acc post offices.


Catteries, RSPCA Mayhew Cat’s Protection, Battersea etc. Pros: you are helping out a homeless cat and the adoption fee of about 80 often includes vaccinations/worm and flea treatments/chipping, which tend to be more expensive if you get a kitten off a person and take it to the vet. Cons: I adopted my old boy when he was 1 (or so they said) and he hated people and ate bugs all the time, but he slowly warmed up to us and we had him for 14 years and he was just the best cat ever. So no cons really and I’m sure an adopted kitten won’t be as jaded

Getting a cat from people: did this with my kittens from gumtree, a woman in Barnet had too many kittens when her own cat got pregnant so we took two. Things to look for: always make sure they invite you to their home to see the cats before getting them. If they refuse than that is weird and worth passing over. Check what treatments the cat has gotten, if it is litter trained and what food it is on. They should tell you this though if they are responsible. Get the cat seen at a vet, vets often do free checkups for a new cat just to check if it is healthy or if its balls have dropped (vet did this to my kittens and they hated it so much) and general stuff like that. Try to get a kitten that is 8wks plus as before that they are a bit too young to be away from their mother/professional care at a cattery.

This must be quite long, sorry! I got kittens a few weeks ago, two brothers and they are adorable. Kitten proofing the room they are confined to was hard though; so many cables to cover and holes to block. Can’t open the big windows either as they like to slip through the shutters and watch the road


Thats great advice. (and I rather like the idea of a cat that eats bugs.)



A MEWseum.
The Argos CATalogue


you should get an older cat, man. everyone gets the fluffy kittens.


Has he tried the Pawst Office?


Ok we’ve reserved domino and humbug. Good work team. @meowington misty was there but shes been taken.

Anyone got a cure for cat allergies? Will I just get used to them?


How bad are they?

Taking some cetirizine can help keep them in check but it varies from person to person - One of my friends has a cat and has slowly had less and less of a reaction to it, but it took a few years and still in spring/early summer when it’s moulting he struggles a bit with it.


Also you should have got Logan.



He was asleep. You snooze you lose.

To be honest they all looked ok to me.


keep an eye out for any cats giving birth