Where do I go to get a kitten?

If I want to go out today and come home with a nice kitten, where do go?

Yes I’ve thought this through.

Just find one in the street

Try the local cat charities

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Don’t rush it, if you can first try cat charities and give one a home. We got our two from my sisters friend, in the end we got two to keep each other company.

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Ask a nearby dog



Brilliant! Thats like 10 minutes away!

There may be others nearer. We got ours from cat’s protection. I think they’re a decent enough organisation, hopefully.

Omg pls get misty!


There’s always ads for kittens in newsagents acc post offices.

Thats great advice. (and I rather like the idea of a cat that eats bugs.)


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A MEWseum.
The Argos CATalogue


you should get an older cat, man. everyone gets the fluffy kittens.

Has he tried the Pawst Office?

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Ok we’ve reserved domino and humbug. Good work team. @anon44830896 misty was there but shes been taken.

Anyone got a cure for cat allergies? Will I just get used to them?


How bad are they?

Taking some cetirizine can help keep them in check but it varies from person to person - One of my friends has a cat and has slowly had less and less of a reaction to it, but it took a few years and still in spring/early summer when it’s moulting he struggles a bit with it.

Also you should have got Logan.


He was asleep. You snooze you lose.

To be honest they all looked ok to me.

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keep an eye out for any cats giving birth

I hope you realise we’ll need pics of the kitties, sexybum