Where do you buy your clothes from?

Thread’s probably been done a lot but here’s another

I need to get new clothes, specifically t-shirts. but any time I go to the shops I can’t find anything I like. Like at all. I don’t like wearing just plain t-shirts, but then I can’t just wear stripy t shirts all the time

online sadly

Got a bunch of nice t-shirts in uniqlo recently but (a) you have to have one near you and (b) you have to like whatever themes they’re designs are doing right now.

The quality is really good tho.


UNIQLO and American Apparel only. sometimes buy a beaten up shirt from a charity shop.

I can’t remember if i said already but yesterday a goth girl commented on my t-shirt


Which sites?

Bloody love uniqlo!


I wear a mixture of H&M shirts, Next trousers, Levis 511 Skinny jeans, Next underwear, and random tee shirts stolen.

I also got a few J by J Jasper Conran shirts from my mum.

I bought some T-shirts from Uniqlo when I was in London ages ago and they’re so good I’ve bought a bunch more online. They fit perfectly unlike pretty much every other clothes shop


Trousers from Gap.
Shirts from Amazon.
T-shirts from gigs.

Spoiler: I’m not very stylish.

Asos or Rapanui for t-shirts
Jeans from wherever, but dadding it up with M&S atm
Checked shirts from M&S
Pants and socks from M&S

Luckily I get discount

I don’t really. Hardly ever anyway. (uniqlo and decathlon).

Today I’m wearing a Uniqlo tee shirt, but the bulk of my tee shirts are bought from gigs or surf shops. I’ve got two pairs of jeans on the go - some 501s and a pair of French connection. Pants are all M&S except for the three pairs of Bonds I bought in Oz (Spoiler - they aren’t nearly as good as people from Australia might have you believe)

I’ve never heard of Uniqlo before this thread

Another vote for generic h&m/uniqlo bro

Also: band shirts

Think I have 5 band shirts in total now, all of them tiny local bands

Actually I got some sick threads from mountain warehouse recently

Work shirts, trousers, jackets, socks and underwear: M&S
T-shirts for riding my bike, running, pottering around the house: the free ones you get given after a running event.
Everything else (jeans, t-shirts, shorts, trainer socks, hoodies, tops): Uniqlo

In order of purchase frequency

Various other smaller shops depending on what is needed.

Team Rapanui represent!

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