Where do you buy your clothes then?


just been out shopping and, my god, the shops are full of shite at the moment. those really frilly over the shoulder tops, crop tops, lots and lots of gingham. really horrible little details on a lot of it too.

where is doing good stuff? thanks




My current t-shirt is from GAP, my current shorts are also from GAP and my trainers are from Adidas. All online.



I’ve been having this problem!! I’ve spent the last few evenings constantly scrolling through all the shops I can think of. My finger hurts. In answer to your question, I don’t really know… I think surprisingly H&M won for me but all the things I liked are sold out. bah… Monki did okay too.


honestly haven’t bought any new clothes* for roughly a year? the last new bit of clothing i obtained was at christmas and that was a gift. oh actually that’s a lie, i bought a jacket a few weeks ago from decathlon and a hoodie about 4 months back from h&m. normally i buy everything from fat face’s sales.

*obvs i get new bike clothes all the time


M&S as I’m fat, 30 and get 20% discount. Dont really buy clothes too often, but weight gain has forced me to


Not been on the highstreet for a while but i reckon sega world in the trocadero is a good shout


yeah I’ve actually bought a few things out of there recently - a nice summer house coat, a striped top… the dress I’m wearing right now I actually got in the M&S staff shop for £1 when I was 18.


last time I bought an item of clothing American Apparel was a thing:

t shirts, hoodies, sweaters: American Apparel
Jeans: Gap
pants/socks: Uniqlo
rucksacks: Patagonia
shoes: Flatspot

Oh, about half of my button up shirts and jackets are from charity shops.


yeah I wouldn’t normally buy that many new clothes but I’ve got a summer job in like a proper non-casual office and need some decent stuff I can wear and then still use again at some point.


If you can be bothered show me the nice things you got!


god, buying work clothes is just THE WORST

(i have no tips really, I have a few smartish dresses from fat face and joy [they were both gifts and it pisses me off that i own stuff from there] and also sainsburys of all places, but i struggle because i just hate clothes shopping. maybe this is why i should wear the goddamn uniform :frowning: )


both are in the wash right now!

you can sort of see the pattern of the housecoat/dressing gown thing here


Oo, it’s a lovely pattern!




Underwear, socks, work trousers, shirts & jackets: M&S
T-shirts, hoodies etc: uniqlo, graniph, H&M or gigs
Jeans: uniqlo
Trainers: Size
Shoes: Camper
Walking shoes: Blacks
Running shorts, shirts, socks, shoes: sportsshoes.com


My girlfriend buys pretty much all her work dresses from Cos, when they go on sale.


!!! I forgot about Cos… I’ve already had a look for two seconds and have mentally spent hundreds … flip.


Oi Polloi and End when I’m feeling flush.
Uniqlo when I’m not.