Where do you buy your underwear?

Hi there,

Been asking friends and family but can’t seem to get a sensible answer.

Where do you guys buy your pants from?

  • I’m 30 this year and I’ve never bought my own underwear.

Thanks in advance,

Never Play the Good Ship X


Hello Mick. I buy my underwear from H&M

Next for boxers and TK Maxx for socks.

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It’s been a while since we’ve seen Mick_Squalor — their last post was May '17.

My wife buys my underwear. So… no idea. Sorry!

supposedly gold is quite soft


^oldest pants

These are the best pants I’ve ever worn - I removed the whole “best underwear” issue from my life by just buying loads of the same ones.



Incidentally got a load of free Adidas climacool underwear like 5 years ago (like 24!)
and theyre still fresh af, which is insane! Esp cos ive got some big ass thighs that rub together

Go adidas

staind lol

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For many years I bought H&M’s black ‘boxer briefs’ in a pack of 3 for £10. They recently changed the size, reduced the quality of the material and put the price up to £13, so am slowly replacing them with Uniqlo boxers which are a pair for £10. I like to own lots of boxers and socks as this drastically reduces the frequency with which I have to do laundry.

Thank you for listening.

Have you tried other types then?
How long have you been going for these for then?

£12 seems a lot for pants - Is £12 a lot for pants then?

Hi @Mick_Squalor , how are you?

i could have predicted you were a howies pants man

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I buy mine under a vest!!! Haha

Usually wherever someone gets me birthday/ xmas vouchers for