Where do you get your picture frames? a Christmas help me thread

need an A2 frame by Christmas haha - IKR

Anyone seen one that is buyable or orderable to come for then?

Pretty much always those white ones from ikea. Have also got some from Tesco direct (not A2 though)

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John Lewis are expensive (obvs) but usually have a good range in store.

hmm yes, they also deliver to Waitrose so that is looking like a good option.

Tesco have them but. 4-7 day delivery, sorry

i smashed a picture frame in the middle of the night last night. there was glass all over my floor.

I still haven’t cleaned it up.

probably should have posted this in jordan’s anecdote thread.

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no worries -will look and see if they are in stock at my local one.

take off your shoes and socks and crunch up those toes

Also, do you have a Wilkos nearby? They do cheap frames.

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Ikea do plenty of massive ones, I don’t know if that is a practical option for you? You can check stock online to make sure you don’t go there for no reason.

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yep went there - nothing of that size, full of christmas tat.

My sister lives close to an Ikea, am currently calling in a favour - £12 BARGAIN as well vs 40 John Lewis


How did this happen?

Bit late now, but give http://www.easy-frame.co.uk/ a go next. They make them to whatever size you need and you can pick frame material, colour, etc.

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got up to investigate. still half asleep.

take it to the things that are “why?” thread


we got a load of picture frames from Clas Ohlson a while ago, had loads of different sizes, types etc. Don’t know how widespread they are though, only know about the one in Kingston

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Clas Ohlson or Asda online usually.

Also charity shops are really good for frames, normally you’ll get some crappy old painting plus in a frame for a fiver tops.

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Nice. Got a load of Scout Xmas cards to deliver all round town tomorrow so might have a peek before I order new

Scouts like cubs, not by you :heart_eyes:

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