Where do you get your t-shirts

*** If you think that wearing t-shirts is lame you are banned from this thread ***

Hit me up with nice t-shirts lads :+1:

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Threadless if I want something with a nice design or pattern.

H&M for plain ones.

Does Threadless not cost bare dolla to ship it to the UK?

I think they pay for import charges but postage is more expensive. Currently they have a lot of tees for $10.


Gildan over Fruit of the Loom every time.

Never pay more than £3 including shipping.

Probably exploiting more people than an eight grand wardrobe, tbf.


Gigs, gap is good for plain ones

Fruit of the Loom off Amazon. Can get them for under £2 each if you look hard enough.

Im quite weedy and have kind eyes, what would they cost me?


eBay for some (I recently bought some fake Kodak and Factory Records tees), but mainly surf shops. I used to get all my tees at gig, but I can’t remember the last band shirt I bought.

Usually google one of my interests until I find a corresponding t shirt.

WWE euroshop when there’s a sale on

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Do they all have the WWE logo on them? I’d potentially buy some if they didn’t, don’t wanna out myself though

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Kind of a weird concept isn’t it, really, wearing clothing that advertises our interests so blatantly. You don’t really get jeans branded like a sports team or a celebrity. Or a full suit.

Because I’m full of double standards I find film and book ones really embarrassing yet am fine with band t-shirts

gigs and charity shops


I get a lot of obscure TV/Film related t-shirts from here:



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This is my current favourite


I literally can’t believe they only go up to 2XL. Do they know anything about their fanbase?

They should definitely show you the plain black back of the shirt so people like @AQOS and I know we are safe and there is no WWE logo emblazoned there to embarrass us.