Where do you get your t-shirts

ASOS, cycling websites


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asos and Uniqlo are good for cheap and reliable

Depop is good for second hand gems

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Primark and H&M do decent block coloured t shirts. haven’t bought any new clothes in about a year though

I’ll not attend a meeting unless I’m dressed in ‘the theo’


Running shops
Gifts from other people


I bought four of the same plain black t-shirts from GAP on Friday.

Uniqlo for plain ones.

I do still quite like a graphic t-shirt though. Always seem to come across ones I like on Instagram. Bought a few from these people.


Used to exclusively buy American apparel t shirts when they were on sale for like 3 quid a shirt.

Now it’s ASOS or band t shirts

Gigs, ebay and various Simpsons bootleg sites like www.pet-shop.co

Used to be almost all gig t-shirts but they seem to have gone really expensive and designs haven’t appealed to me for ages. Last lot I bought was 3 plain Topman t-shirts for £12 or something. Nice and soft, fit well.


Bought a couple of tees from Primark the other day, £3.60 for two. They’re fine.

uniqlo are doing a series of Eames t-shirts…


I like these t-shirts of Jonesy, possibly the greatest of the cat actors


Anywhere that sells t-shirts that I can afford and want to buy