Where do you go for a walk? with pictures

like if you were gonna for a walk, where would you go?

i walk around rivington.

some rich old bugger in the 1900s spent a fortune building a load of fake castles and cool looking footbridges there for no good reason.

been walking around there since i could walk, everything is dilapidated and bollocksed now but it adds to the charm. there used to be a mosaic the size of a 5 a side pitch but it’s been slowly chipped away for mementos, only a few patches left.

my dad saw hawkwind play from sunset to sunrise on the roof of this building there -

you can see the hill from 50 miles south on a clear day, and when we came home from holiday in wales as a kid my mum would always say ‘there’s our hill, we’re nearly home’. there;s been a beacon tower on it for a millennia. it’s among the best places in the world.

sorry drunk & maudlin today.


I live close to thr North Downs Way snd theres plenty more nice countryside near me.

I do like a walk around Happy Valley between Caterham and Coulsdon,

This year I’m hoping to go out hiking more often, just need to find more time for it.


beautiful place that man. love footpaths worn in grassland.

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Walking to work (post bus), in Smethwick, 5 months back.


There’s a walk along the river in Oxford that I do a lot, lots of locks, boat houses, rogue cows and geese.


And a walk along Turnberry golf course that we do when we go to stay at our caravan.

And a walk I like to do in Arran - this loch is half way up a mountain.

Mostly I think I just like being by water


That looks really cool, recently I’ve been thinking about trying to find some decent dilapidated buildings and old man-made structures to take photos in, but I don’t really know any. I live in Devon so I couldn’t be much further away from this place really :frowning:

We’re staying with my parents for a bit while our flat purchase goes through so been enjoying my native South Hams and going for walks for the first time in years. Hope Cove is a good spot

And the village we’re in isn’t bad either


My friend has a holiday flat in Thurlestone so we walk along to Hope Cove and beyond a lot. It’s a nice spot.

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it’s a bit of an odd one cause a lot of the structures, like the big castle, were built to be ruins.

and now they’re over a century old & falling down for real. weird old game.

think about the poor bastards who had to shoulder all that stone from the quarry just so a rich guy could have a pretend castle.

i’m sure there are a load of rundown old heaps in devon too!


That walk is really nice. Especially now HC has the best bar/restaurant in the area. Growing up here I never appreciated just how nice it is until I’d come back for visits once I’d left. Being back for an extended period has given me a chance to re-explore and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

Have you been to the little seafood shack at Thurlstone? They do amazing prawns and lobster.

Not yet but I’ve heard good things. There are some really good places springing up at the moment, when I last lived here 15 years ago you’d be lucky to get a bag of chips after 8pm and that was at weekends.

big fan of walking across this bad boi


Me nan lived in Darwen and I used to love a walk through Sunnyhurst park then up to the jubilee tower at the top of the Moors, overlooking the town. Great views on a clear day



Don’t get to do that one anymore though


But if I were doing one of our regular walks it’d be along Southsea seafront, starting at Eastney. Walk past South Parade Pier…

Then the lovely view out into the Solent, the forts and isle of Wight in the background

Then Southsea Castle and the lighthouse to the right


Carry on walking past the hovercraft slip and past Clarence Pier

Then on into old Portsmouth, ending up at spice island


Then walk all the way back finishing in the 10th hole for a massive slab of cake


Our regular walks are Wellington Rocks/The Common in Tunbridge Wells:

Or Yalding/Teapot Island:

been up there. excellent walk. 5 technical jackets out of 5.

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Used to love that walk


That’s beautiful

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