Where do you keep x?

Where do you keep your vacuum?

  • In a cupboard (downstairs)
  • In a cupboard (upstairs)
  • In a utility room (downstairs, someone’s doing alright for themselves)
  • In a spare room (upstairs)
  • Just hanging around in a room but not put away anywhere specifically
  • In a garage/shed (downstairs)

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cupboard under the stairs


  • Rack
  • Cupboard
  • Side
  • Other

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x (eggs)

  • Fridge
  • Shelf
  • Cupboard
  • No eggs please
  • Other
  • Inside my chicken
  • Egg basket
  • Fanny pack
  • Toby jug

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3 polls in and I’m already concerned about the disarray in which Big Kermo lives.


  • fridge
  • normal food cupboard
  • somewhere far away for smelly reasons

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i ask cos my parents tend to keep theirs in the outdoor cupboard, i kept mine in the fridge for the last few days cos it was so ripe already

Please elaborate.


Eggs live in the egg and coffee (and bay leaf) nook

Wine lives in the fridge (white) or under the sink (red)

Don’t have a hoover but have a DustBuster cause I don’t have loads of carpet so that lives wherever it was last in use (at the moment that’s on the sofa, she’s sleeping)

People mock me but there is logic!


it’s built in to the house but is for garden tools

so it’s not a shed

surely under the sink is a bit grimey and for cleaning products


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and you call it a coffee nook despite there being no actual coffee in it :thinking:


Cellar head

Nah, I only ever buy screw tops cause I’m not fancy, so red wine and any spirits live under the sink.

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Roll out the red carpet everyone, the coffee king is paying us humble peasants a visit



The vacuum cleaner lives on the bottom level of a set of kitchen shelves next to the box of dog stuff. The stupid Dyson hand-held thing that my in-laws insisted we needed because apparently it’s so much better (guess what BASTARDS it’s not as good as our normal hoover) leans, perilously, nearby.

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I do appreciate a cup of decent, proper coffee tbf, but that azera stuff is dece and once you’ve endured your fourth cafetière smash you just give up.