Where do you keep your veg, friend?


Currently got a carrier bag full of loose onions hanging from the kitchen door-handle, it’s not ideal.


Fridge, mostly.


on one of those kitchen rack things. dunno what you call em.


Kitchen rack


Bottom of the fridge, obviously.


What do you reckon to Dick Advocaat Hoogs?


Potatoes, onions, garlic: pantry
others: fridge


Depends what veg isn’t it.

Onions / potatoes / garlic / squash / sweet pots: cupboard

Everything else: fridge




i don’t even own a kitchen, let alone… etc




I like to put mine on display


I don’t think so.


Fridge or cupboard, absolutely not bothered what goes where because I have a life.




Would you ever consider purchasing a Fridge-Cupboard? It would be like a Fridge-Freezer but with a normal cupboard instead of the freezer bit.


Wrong thread.

Potential banana skin. His previous stints always ended in controversy.

  • WC 1994: Gullit sent home before a ball is kicked
  • EC 2004: Robben substituted when he’s the best player on the pitch
    Third time lucky? I doubt it.[/spoiler]


depends on it’s phallicness


Different storage areas for different, needs?


root veg in a tote bag in a cupboard. keep your potatoes and onions in the dark for goodness sake people.

green veg in the fridge.