Where do you keep your washing machine/dryer?

  • Kitchen
  • Laundry Room
  • Garage/Shed
  • Living/Dining Room (Eh?)
  • Conservatory
  • Bedroom/Spare Bedroom
  • Bathroom (Nurse…)
  • Hallway (Wot?)

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Feel free to go into extensive details if none of the above adequately cover your situation…

For me the least weird option is the kitchen.

If i had a bigger house i’d probably have a seperate laundry room.

Most of the other options are a bit…strange.


Kitchen because I’m not a Tory.

Wish I could afford to have a separate laundry room. Though if I did I would probably keep the washing machine in the kitchen and use the spare room for books and vinyl (and one of my record players).

You missed out utility room. We just moved house and have it in the kitchen now. Old place it was in the utility room. Good room for a washing machine, much missed.


Kitchen because that’s where the plumbing for it is.

Anyone here got a scullery?

Check your Western privilege, mate.

Alright Cerys Matthews.


I’d love to do like they do in Texas and bung it out in the garden under a lean to. Is there any real (I.e planning) reason why we don’t do that here, pissing rain excepted?


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A laundry room and a utility room is the same thing.

We have it in a built-in cupboard thing in the kitchen with the boiler and water softener…

I presume that this thread was prompted by the Kirsty Allsopp thing?

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State of this.


Just a like is fine, thanks.

I can see his wee smirky, chuckling face all the way from here.

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Owing to the damp conditions, there’s often a case for it being mouldier in the scullery.


I should’ve probably included basement. Seems pretty normal in America. Noticed lots of people have them in the bathroom in Eastern European countries. Quite a few people i know have their whjte goods in their garage.

if by laundry room you mean utility room. then that.

@xylo people who don’t live in London? SAFETYWINK