Where do you think it's going?

  • Full streaming, nobody buys physical media. Same price, artists make money from increasingly expensive tours
  • Full streaming, nobody buys physical media. Much more expensive allowing artists to make a living from sales.
  • Streaming but direct from artists. Some sort of Kanye model.
  • Streaming ends, back to physical media. Ain’t nobody making a damn living as it is.
  • Stays as it is now. Cheap Streaming, artists make money from combination of bugger all from Streaming and quite increasingly expensive tours. Only the rich may enjoy gigs.
  • Something else (do go on…)

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Chat encouraged. Feels to me like the current model is unsustainable and a change is due. Sure, McCartney doesn’t need any more millions, but will we ever get another OK Computer if artists can’t spend two years in a studio creating a masterpiece?

Can’t see the whole “all you can eat” streaming model going away. People have gotten too used to it, and I don’t think your average music listener really cares that much about small artists’ livelihoods, or at least not enough to change their habits.

The only way I can see the current streaming system changing is if major labels get greedy and start moving their catalogs onto their own exclusive streaming services, like we’re seeing with streaming TV.


The record companies and venues will find increasing ways to squeeze artists until eventually “famous musician” is a salaried position closer to a WWE performer than an actual artist. The big bands will earn well, but not as well as they do now and there will be a lot of smaller artists on punishingly mediocre salaries. They might be allowed to record albums from time to time, but content is where the money is baby.

The underground will continue to thrive, but no one will make any money there apart from the occasional act plucked by the alogrithm to go viral . Same as it ever was.


Shall we just cut to the chase and arrange a cage match in The Moon?

My gawd, he’s waterboarding him with Green Shit! What sort of a man is Sunbane??!! etc etc

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I wonder how much I’d have to pay JR to yell, “BAH GAWD! THAT’S VEINS FULL OF STATIC’S MUSIC!” so I can play it before every song in my set from now on :thinking:


Just went to check Cameo to see if he’s on there (dont see him sadly) and absolutely baffled that MJF can charge £400+ and Shotzi £200+ while Brett Hart and Foley are £100.

P.S. “Something about the music industry or streaming or whatever”

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When you’re hot you’re hot I guess. Gotta love wrestling - the only industry you can insult your boss and all your co-workers live on TV and get a nice career boost for your troubles.

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Thats a shame. Was tempted to try it.

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I don’t think it really matters, because people don’t view it that way. People in general don’t miss some hypothetical parallel universe 2022 where there has been ten all-time great albums released since January, so I think it’s an impossible task if you want to try and get people to pay more on that basis.

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See, up to now I was anti-streaming and pro-artists getting their just rewards, but this is making me rethink my position.


Built in streaming solution on some kind of home hub with a big HD.

Currently I’ve got a Mini-Mac connected to a hard drive that does nothing but run Plex. Moved all my mp3s to it and use the PlexAmp app on my phone. Not saying it’ll be the norm as it’s quite a bit of housekeeping, but can see something like that being a viable option for folks who don’t want all you can eat (when you’d never want to east most of it)