Where do you think japes is on his drive to london?

I’ve guessing glasgow.



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At 2pm he told me he was on the A66 and that traffic was awful.

He thought he’d be at mine at 7pm. I’m doubting this.

Reckon he’s at least at Niagara Falls by now.


I’ve guessing somewhere near leicester

Between Tibshelf and Donington Park

For his sake hopefully Tebay

Based on this information I’m going just north of Nottingham (on the M1).

If anyone sees him, wave, it’ll help him on his way.

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We should have more DiSers putting DiSers up, with live blogging.

Just imagine the ensuing hilarity.

“You won’t believe what Ruffers is doing in my shed at the moment!”

“Tillance has painted a delightful mural in our lounge. If only she’d asked first”.

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theo is watching star wars on my tv


Why the fuck was he driving to Middlesbrough?

M74 - M6 - A66 - A1 - M1 - LME

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“I’ve guessing?”

Look at the state of me, I need take a good, hard look at myself.

“Can I paint on your sitting room, mate?”


probably thinks to get to london you drive to the middle and then down

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Having a slash at Woolley Edge services

Rather Ware than fappable


I don’t see how this answers my question.

I’m snapchatting him this thread.