Where does Santa live?

  • North Pole
  • I think you’ll find you actually mean Lapland
  • Nottingham

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Always one of these stories at Christmas, but this is really close to me!

Why is there no “You’ve made your poll anonymous you twat” badge?


with Laurence Llelwyn Bowen

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Ah brilliant, I was waiting for this year’s crap winter wonderland event.


thought this was gonna be like when you ask someone what you put in a toaster and if they say toast you all laugh at them


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Santa’s not here.
Santa’s dead.


In the Broadmarsh

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alright nietzschemare before christmas


I’m a member of a local group on FB where everyone is banging on about this.

I mean… LOOK AT IT.

I remember this one from a few years back. Just up the road from my dad’s house and from @Im_On_Safari


Looks like the organisers were jailed (but then subsequently had their convictions quashed)

*the old Santa can’t come to the phone right now

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This quote was brilliantly brutal, but I think it has now been outstripped for bleakness by “Santa’s stuck on the M1”.

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Nah it was a quote from an elf etched in my brain from that “worst ever” Lapland that caused a furore a few years back.

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goddamn that was probably the only time i could have used that, too

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Zie ginds komt de stoomboot uit Spanje weer aan.


Spain, obviously.

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I think the current consensus is that he lives somewhere in Finland.

And a little PSA for you all, because polls about Santa is a very serious business: “Lapland” is an old term (although by all means still the most commonly used in English), and is based on the old term “Lapp” for the Sami people. Which is kind of like “Indians” for Native Americans etc. So, the name you want to be using for that region, which crosses several country borders, is actually Sápmi! You’re welcome.


@saps land! (Sorry)

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Theres a town actually called north pole in Alaska is there not? I read it in Jon Ronson’s book Lost at Sea. Apparently if you send a letter to santa it goes there and a bunch of school kids respond to the letter?!


The book made it sound pretty grim. Apparently a load of school kids got caught planning a mass shooting :grimacing:

Pretty sure Nottingham isn’t in Finland.