Where does the extra man come from?

Obviously who cares, but any of you work this out? I tried for a minute or two and then gave up.

It’s like the chocolate thing innit. Each of them tesselate so they either appear as 12 slightly larger or 13 slightly smaller figures

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what the fuck are you searching for to find this

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Made out of a number of ice knives


‘how can I get extra man girth for coming’

I was looking for the exact wording of the cabin in the woods riddle and saw it on the same webpage.

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idk, work out

Tell me more.

Or don’t, obvs. I’m not the boss of you.

I fucking am, spill the beans or I’ll annihilate you.

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saps is a witch we must burn him

as an e.g.

In the 12 person version the guy on the far right at the back has long legs, when they get spliced they become 2 pairs of legs, one remaining on the right and one moving. This will also be happening with heads and torsos at other places in the images, so 12 bigger lads become 13 shorter lads

the torso comes from the middle lad on the right hand side, not worked out the head yet

Ah, very clever.

Admirable observation skills. There’ll always be a place for you on my crack team Operation Albatross.