Where does the Guardian think you are? MEGATHREAD



Plus bonus fact: Chorley is the home of the Chorley cake.

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So then why does it always show me so much Australian content ?

Buxton… :confused:


Only 550 miles out.

Leicester. Always Leicester.

London, obviously.

How can you tell?

The Guardian thinks the whole of the UK is in London



Scroll down, should be under “Headlines”

Not too far off

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Poplar, which is around a 7 hour drive away according to Google

Only real places please

I can do Chorley in 4

Get a picnic together, meet you there about 7ish?

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Best thing about Chorley is its town motto, ‘Be Aware’, which is inspiring stuff but an improvement on their previous motto, ‘Beware’:

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Forest Hill. Stupid Guardian, that’s at least half a mile away!


Not in Ponty, sorry Guardian. Only 12 miles off.

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As a twenty something I sure do empathise with their view of what a millennial is

I love coffee and box sets