Where does your bag live?

Do you have a place for your bag at home?

What about at work?

Not on bagbook


The bags live under the bottom shelf of the large living room alcove, as that’s tucked behind the armchair.

At work it lives under my desk to the right, until I trip over it, at which point it gets kicked to the back.

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Bilbo Bagbook

Not sure where I’m going with this


good thread


Behind the bedroom door ish, next to the settee in the living room. Can’t find a place to leave it that I feel happy with.

I’m quite proud of it


SAME! I just can’t find it a home that pleases me, which is why this thread was born.

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Weekends: under-stairs cupboard.
Weekdays: it usually hangs around outside the under-stairs cupboard
During the working day: under my desk
On the train: under my feet or occasionally in the overhead storage (if I’ve got additional bags I store it with them so that I don’t forget the additional bags)
On my cycle ride to work from the station: in the paniers so that I don’t get a sweaty back.

You probably didn’t need all this information.


on an adventure?


Work: behind me under the coat stand
Home: next to my bedside table - first place you see to put it after you get in my room and I don’t want to put any extra thought into it

At home: behind the door of the spare bedroom, near a wardrobe.
At work. at my side (desk is at an end of row)

Home: Between the sofa and the DVD/record shelves
Work: On top of the big safe in the office.

Wherever I lay my bag, that’s it’s home


At home, in a corner of the bedroom or in the ridiculous walk through wardrobe we have.

At work, in the filing cabinet drawer that masquerades as my ‘locker’.

Current bag of choice, a Rapha musette

Hanging off of the disused, folded pushchair currently.

Ideal situation would be hanging from a hook just inside the door, or perhaps in some small cupboard. In a different house/flat.

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Just chuck it by my shoe rack

I don’t even own A shoe, let alone many shoes…

At work it lives next to my desk, right in the corner. Sometimes under my desk to keep the spare pair of shoes company. At home it will just in any available corner, our flat is too small for reserved spaces